NEW! Sig Sauer P320 AXG

Something that the firearms community has been waiting for for a long time has been an aluminum or steel framed striker fired handgun that was somewhat affordable. Walther almost got it there with the PPQ Q5 SF, but missed the price mark by quite a margin (seriously, double the cost from a polymer frame to a steel frame)?
With the fall of the Hudson Hype 9, the aluminum Glock frames not doing well on the market, and more… Sig Sauer seems to be putting all other companies in their place…as odd as that sounds coming from me.

Just Pews- Quantified Performance Matches Part 1

This is going to be a series introducing the Quantified Performance, LLC matches. You may be asking yourself, “What is QP?” Well they say “Quantified Performance, LLC is focused on building a community of safe, high performing firearm owners and users. By focusing on metrics such as group size, match performance and several other methods the community will be able to show skills growth, highlight shooting sports and the people that make those activities possible.”

Just Pews- Why Flashlights Are Important

Being able to identify foe from friend is a necessity when you’re being proactive with your own safety.
Unfortunately, every year, several teenagers, lovers, loved family members are killed because a gun owner refused to use something as simple, and as cheap, as a flashlight. Why? Because they know their rights.

Bidding on Remington’s Assets Released

Bidding on Remington’s Assets Released We all knew a couple of months back when several Freedom Group/Remington Group companies stopped talking with customers that they were going under. Well, they filed for bankruptcy and the Remington Group is officially selling off all of it’s assets including whole brands and manufacturing facilities. Here’s the information that’s

Ontario Rat 2 Review

Ontario Rat 2 Review A $25 Winner Well, you all know that I absolutely adore the Ontario Rat 1. So in my quest to find a smaller EDC knife, I figured that the Ontario Rat 2 would be the natural choice to try first…that and I bought an Artisan Cutlery Proponent, ANYWAY! The Ontario Rat

Walther CCP Review

Some habits die hard, for the Germans, that habit is using gas to get the job do… ahem, so. Yes, the Walther CCP. It’s a gun that I’ve been admiring from afar for quite some time now for one reason. It uses the same-ish piston system that the HK P7 did way back when BUT, BUT, it doesn’t cost you your first born + your liver when accounting for inflation (P.S. Walther doesn’t hate you like HK does).

Steyr Arms v Sig USA, The Saga Ends

Way back in 2017 when Sig USA got awarded the M17 contract by the Department of Defense, a smaller, less known company Steyr filed a lawsuit against Sig USA. Steyr’s claim was that the Sig P320 used a chassis system that was an infringement on their patented chassis system. Since I’m not a lawyer and even less of a patent lawyer, I’m not going to try diving into whether or not Steyr had a case… but I will say that both chassis systems looked oddly familiar when watching take down videos.