CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical Vs. Beretta M9A1

Every time I look up “Beretta v CZ” I get one of two results typically. It’s either the PX4 Compact versus the P-07, or it’s the CZ 75 versus the Beretta 92 FS. The PX4 Compact v the P-07 is a good comparison, they’re both polymer compacts holding 15rds, and they’re DA/SA pistols. The 92FS versus the 75 isn’t a bad comparison either…but it’s kind of dated if you ask me.

Is It Reasonable? Carry Permits

Above arguments aside, there’s a lot of reasons why carry permits aren’t reasonable. LOTS of reasons.

The initial one we’ll talk about is abuse of power. You have a lot of sheriff’s offices, police departments, etc. that absolutely do not approve carry permits for anyone that isn’t a cop, connected to a cop, or connected to a politician in some way. This turns it into the haves versus the have nots. That isn’t how¬†rights are supposed to work.
To add insult to injury, not all states allow you to go to a friendlier jurisdiction to complete the application for getting your carry permit. Therefore, how far a person can exercise their inalienable rights can be determined by some fat ass sheriff who probably drives home drunk.

Gun Permits Lead To Loss Of Privacy

Yesterday I started right my article about whether or not carry permits are reasonable (Spoiler: They aren’t) and ironically I ran into an article that not only reinforced my personal beliefs, but reinforces the belief that permits to buy firearms are just as unreasonable. Before I get to explaining the map in the thumbnail, I want to review with you two of the amendments found in the Bill of Rights.


Carrying In Sweatpants

Carrying In Sweatpants Looking into getting a bellyband so you can carry your gun while wearing sweatpants or gym shorts? Well, you may want to hold off. I learned a way to do it from a friend that might save you some money! Another point I should have hit on was a solution for those

Walther PPS Review

If you’ve been following the page since I first got the Walther PPS M2, you know I bought it without having ever touched one. The idea behind doing this was to try and improve my reviews for all of you by comparing what I took from other reviews, what I thought was missed, and filling in information that I believe needs to be focused on.

As I’m writing this review, I’m going back to all the reviews/videos I watched on this pocket rocket and comparing it to my own thoughts on the handgun.

NEW 5.7x28mm Products SHOT Show 2020

It looks to be the year for the 5.7x28mm cartridge! It seems like everyone and their brother is wanting to make this cartridge available to the masses. Why? I have no idea, but they are. Anyway, Ruger kind of led the pack, but we’ll go over everything that’s coming out so far for it.

Culper Precision Atomic 6 SHOT Show 2020

Culper Precision 6 SHOT Show 2020 So, you thought your Glock 19 was too heavy for carry? Well, welcome the Atomic 6 from Culper Precision. First, let’s talk about the price of this. For the complete slide alone you’re looking at $1,500. For a whole Atomic 6 pistol, you’re looking at $2,000. Now, you might

FN 509 Compact MRD Ready SHOT Show 2020

FN dropped an optic ready version of the 509 Compact and it’ll be hitting the market in both FDE and black. For those that aren’t familiar, the 509 Compact is basically the updated FNS Compact. It’s Glock 26 in size, but it’s ready to take WMLs (probably only the TLR-7), and it has 509 magazine compatibility.