The firearm community is flopping but not for the typically believed reason. It isn’t those who seek out to ban guns, no, it’s the constant infighting that we see on a daily basis. We see “3%”ers chiming in with “Shall not be infringed, period.” and then going on to tell people that if they don’t train a certain way, or carry a certain way that they “shouldn’t own guns.” This doesn’t help anyone in the community and it scares those off that may be interested in coming into the community, especially those seeking guidance on what to do.

The community almost in unison will say that education is the key to ending “firearm violence” and not more gun control, but when it actually comes to stepping up, I barely see anyone wanting to do just that. Someone is anti-gun? Lets bash on them uncivilly and make them hate guns and gun owners even more- this doesn’t help us win the fight. Have someone that is ignorant but trying to learn? Lets make a mockery of them! Someone is carrying a certain way or a certain caliber? Well, they just shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms (talk about irony).

The prime example I have is when people don’t want to carry a round in the chamber. Consistently all I see in response to people who say they don’t is “You shouldn’t own guns” and “You’re endangering everyone around you by doing that.” 1. What happened to “shall not be infringed”? 2. Where the hell do you come up with that bogus claim? It makes absolutely no sense-maybe they’re endangering themselves, but not others. I digress, where’s the educating going on at? Where are others teaching others? Very rarely, if ever, do I see people trying to do so. No one asks why a person carries without one in the chamber and barely does anyone ever suggest solutions.

Here are the two best solutions I have determined for the sake of actually giving some benefit to those who don’t

1. Carry your gun for a week, two weeks tops. Every time you go to un-holster the gun see if the gun went off. With striker fired guns, this means you’ll have a dead trigger, the same for SAO guns. If you have a gun with a decocker, you’ll hear if the hammer gets dropped. If you’re carrying in a quality holster, the number of times should be zero, if it isn’t your gun either has a defect, or your holster isn’t good.
2. If even after #1 you don’t want to carry chambered, there’s one solution. Carrying a revolver with the second cylinder empty. Why? It only takes a pull of the trigger to be ready to go. There are videos out there showing how fast a self-defense situation can happen and more often than not, you will not have the time to chamber a round.
(For those that aren’t aware of how revolvers work, the first round fired is the one in the chamber following the one resting on the barrel…the chamber that should be left empty depends on the direction your cylinder turns.)
If you’ve read all of this, I challenge all of you to one thing. Be a decent person and help someone out whose genuinely seeking guidance. Dismissing them or mocking them isn’t helping matters, its only making them worse.

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