Alright, so if you follow me on Instagram (@t4cc4t), you’ll know that last week I installed the squared extended magazine release from Wilson Combat into the Beretta 92A1, my initial impression of this upgrade is the same way as a Sour Patch Kids commercial goes.

As some have said in the infamous Facebook groups, the W.C. insignia looks eerily familiar to the SS Eagle used by the Third Reich. Nazi Germany aside, the Wilson Combat Extended Release was a bit of a pain to get in (the video tutorials weren’t much help for me), but I found it was easiest to angle it in, make the plungers arch, and then snap it in (unless I get another 92 series, don’t expect a video from me any time soon on it). It is worth mentioning that the release is steel and made to tighter tolerances, so getting it in will be a tad more difficult than just putting in the stock plastic mag release.

After installing it, if you have the factory grips on the gun, you’re going to be in for a small surprise because the release will not function with them! So, you have to pull out the trusty Dremel or file and get to grinding. After doing some eyeballing and reducing the required area enough, I was able to get the release to function properly, and it definitely made dropping the mags a lot easier. Sadly… that isn’t where the negatives stop. When I press the magazine release, an area on the opposite side stabs into my index finger which can result in a failure to drop the magazine if you’re gripping the gun hard enough.

As of right now, I’m happy with my purchase despite my minor gripes. The extended magazine release is something I felt was needed before it was ready to be an option for carry. If you’re looking for the Wilson Combat release but don’t want to spend the full $42+shipping on it, I’d recommend keeping an eye on eBay (trusted seller’s with thousands of ratings) which is where I got mine for $39 shipped.


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