Late night browsing is slowly becoming a favorite hobby of mine and what to my wondering eye did appear but another mark against Sig USA… I wish I was making it up, but I found an article from May of this year on a lawsuit that sprouted from issues in 2014 to 2016 with. Guess what though….it wasn’t with the P320 but with the P229 Enhanced Elite.

The issue came about in late 2014 when the New Jersey State Police Department went through their qualifications using the recently acquired Sig P229 Enhanced Elites (how I’m reading the article, it was a batch of 3,000 Enhanced Elite models).  During the qualifications they experienced several failures to eject spent casings. Following this issue, for just shy of a year and a half Sig Sauer tried multiple fixes to try and remedy the issue the NJSP had been experiencing….none of the remedies worked.

Sig USA had made the preliminary guess that the problem was stemming from an issue with the extractor pins, then Sig Sauer guessed that it was due to an imperfection with the molds….and then Sig got some of the issue prone handguns and concluded that the issue was due to the finish on the barrels being put on incorrectly…. no it doesn’t end there.

In July the following year the NJSP did their qualifications again with a Sig Sauer representative present and again they experienced the issue. The Sig USA representative determined that the issue was now due to the extractor springs…now, I’m no gunsmith but it certainly seems like Sig Sauer was just doing a whole bunch of guess work on what was going on. I digress, a few months later the NJSP began to wonder if the originally tested Legacy 229s would have the same issue as they had a different extractor system than the Enhanced Elites did. Sig agreed to replace the Enhanced Elites with the Legacy series by the end of January which they were unable to completely fulfill and were only able to supply half of the pistols.

The New Jersey State Police and Sig Sauer gunsmiths began testing 25 randomly selected pistols that were in the department’s inventory. The Sig gunsmiths immediately yanked 5 out of the line-up as they did “not meet Sig Sauer’s specifications”, after words NJSP picked five Legacy series 229s to test, three of which experienced several FTE issues.
By January 2016 Sig Sauer officials had “officially determined” the issue was caused by the barrel being improperly coated…again. (For a more wordy version of what I just said… here’s the article that I found.)

By now you’re probably thinking that I hate Sig USA (as I explained in the post I did about the P320 Sig USA and Germany/Swiss are organizationally separated) but I don’t… I would love for the company to do well, but they need to stop pushing a million different variants for every pistol they make and they need to stop rushing everything to market like they have been. I will say, they tried with the New Jersey State Police to correct the issue it seems, but at the end it was too late. What do you think about this whole mess? Can Sig USA still save the once great reputation of Sig Germany of before?