Alright, so I finally purchased the UTG universal shotgun mount fromAmazon and got excited that I would finally be able to mount a flashlight to my Mossberg 535. Unfortunately it didn’t fit on the barrel due to the ribbing on the barrel. It did, however, fit on the mag tube….but wouldn’t allow the action to cycle completely so it is unusable. If you own a Mossberg 500 series with the 5 or 6 shot tube, this item won’t fit properly on the mag tube. If you want to mount it on the barrel, it will make it impossible to see the front bead sight. I opted to use the stock image of the mount since it wasn’t really worth the effort of getting a good picture of myself.
I did file for a return with Amazon and when I did they told me that I didn’t need to send the item back…which at the price I would have lost money due to return shipping, so thanks for that Amazon! Thanks for reading, guys! Sorry that this is more of a PSA than anything else.