Before I get started, I want to say that I won’t really discuss defensive tactics or how you should train or what you should train with very often… I feel that that is something that greatly falls on you if you’re carrying any form of weapon for self-defense. That said, I want to ask what do you do for passive self defensive measures?

We always see people making comments such as:
“If they even step in my house, I’ll shoot them.”
“If someone tries to mug me, I’ll shoot them.”
“If someone says something threatening I’ll shoot them.”
“I’ll let my dogs get them before I shoot them.”
All of these end with “And then I’ll call 911.”

Well, that is all well and dandy, and I won’t get a lot into the nitty gritty details, but what are you doing to keep from shooting someone, or to protect yourself if you don’t see an assailant?
Are you wearing a stab proof vest? What about a bullet resistant vest? Are you wearing a 2-in-1 everyday?  We all chat about what we will do in terms of active self defense such as firearms, knives, hands, etc. but we barely, if ever, focus on passive self defense which is arguably the most important as it keeps us from needing to use our active self-defensive measures.

Passive self-defense goes further than just wearing concealable body armor, it goes to your demeanor, the tone of your voice, and the actions that you may be able to take. At the end of the day, nobody wants to kill another person, and nobody wants to deal with the legal costs that follow. If someone starts to sound like they’re getting defensive or hostile (lets say they’re drunk) and they act like they may take a swing at you… how are you going to deescalate the situation? Will you make a joke? Will you go along with what they say in the hopes that they calm down? Or will you risk aggravating them further and begin to walk away?

What about during a mugging where the mugger already has a weapon trained on you? What is your plan? One idea I’ve heard is carrying a spare wallet with the following: $20 cash, a few dead gift-cards, and a fake cardboard ID so it appears real, when being mugged you drop it on the ground, and draw your weapon. This gives said mugger a choice- flee or surrender.

What will you do if you get stabbed or shot in a critical area? What will you do if you get stabbed/shot in your back which leaves you paralyzed for life? These are all things that don’t get discussed nearly enough when we talk about self-defense. I would go as far as to say that more people than not don’t realize that some form of passive self-defense is the best way to get to your weapon in the safest manor. You may be saying something like; “The likely hood of these things happening is slim to none, I don’t need to wear body armor.” Well… on the same note why are you carrying a weapon? Its a poor double standard that many hold that needs to be corrected.

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