Alright… so I have nearing 300 rounds through the Heckler & Koch HK45c and I think its time that I gave my initial impressions…of which I will be doing some comparisons to the USP9 Compact that I had for review a while ago. The HK45c is, to some extent, the new and improved USP45c. This pistol has endured a 50,000 round torture test from a private entity and the tactical model as been adopted by the Special Naval Warfare Command as the MK 24 Mod 0.

I was super excited when I found the HK45c for the price I did brand new…but I did hesitate a little bit on getting it over the P2000 due to the cost difference in ammo between 9mm and .45ACP, but I had to get the HK45c…just something about 45 is good for the soul.

The nice thing about the HK45c is, is that it takes USP 45 magazines and HK45 magazines, it also utilizes the same detent plates in case you wanted to change out the trigger variant (eventually I will be switching to the variant 3/4 for decocker only). Heckler & Koch also threw on the extended mag release on this particular gun…which is a gigantic improvement over the standard paddle release that they used on the USP9c. Now as far as function goes… I haven’t had a single issue with the HK45c in terms of performance.

The only real gripe I had with the pistol was from the ergonomics which I fixed by reacquainting myself with H&K. The issue was the safety/decocker lever… for some reason my thumb was high enough that when the gun would recoil, my thumb would ride up and smack the lever which isn’t something I experienced with the USP9c. After about 100 rounds downrange though I stopped having the issue since I was able to adapt. Now I do see myself adding some grip tape to the pistol, but I will dive more into why in the full review.

There are some more areas I will be hitting on in the full review that I won’t be hitting on in this post obviously, but so far the gun is performing excellent as one would expect from Heckler & Koch. Now for those waiting for the CZ SP-01 Tactical “Initial Impressions” post…I have some bad news… it isn’t going to happen. I will be doing a full in-depth review of the gun, but I feel I have used it too much to just put off my initial impressions past “I love it”. You can look forward to seeing that sometime in June! As always everyone, thank you for reading, and keep things practical out there!

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