Alright, time for a review on one of the many cheap  reusable target options on the market…the Spinning Bird from Wal-Mart that is made by Champion sports. If you’re trying to set-up your range and you’re looking for a spinning target this one may have been on your radar, but will it be after this review? Let me know on Facebook!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have been sitting on this review for about a month now and just haven’t gotten around to bringing over the couple of photos that I needed for the review, nonetheless, its here now!

The Champion Bird Spinner was approximately $13 over at Wal-Mart including tax, but it did say that it was rated for handgun and rifle calibers. The target is made of some type of self-healing material, comes with a counter weight, and a stand.  It also comes with some minor instructions for those that need them.

The day I bought this target was probably the last time it will actually get used. If you’re a new shooter, I would say you’re better off spending your money on something else. If you’re a seasoned shooter and have a couple of 22lrs hiding in your safe, this isn’t a bad option for you. I shot a total of 200 rounds at the spinning bird and the attachment point between the counter weight and the bird began to split pretty bad (this happening at about the 100 round mark).

Overall, for $13 and some change I don’t think you can go wrong with this target if you’re shooting at it with .22lr. If you’re wanting to hit it with anything larger, I would spend the money on the cheap 3 or 4″ steel plate right next to them (if you have something to hang it on). As always, thanks for reading, and keep things practical out there!


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