Lionheart Industries LH9CN Initial Impressions

The LH9CN is Lionheart Industries’ compact offering to the market which has a 10rd capacity, but can take 15rd magazines from Lionheart. This is a pistol that nobody has really heard of, but the rumors they hear are good, and filled with some information…most of which I will be going after in the full fledged review of this pistol.

As is typical here at TacCat, I won’t really be going over the specs of the pistol, but I will be going over one design detail that I feel needs to be explained in this initial post about the LH9CN. You may have noticed that there are some signs of wear on the pistol, but this is a T&E gun, and as such it has been used by other content creators such as myself.

When I got the LH9CN I was able to show it off to the guys at my local shop where they told me about their DP51/K5s from before Lionheart began importing the platform, and they seemed to like the pistol quite a bit.

The thing that sets the LH9 line of pistols apart from everything else on the market is its double action +, without spoiling it for the full review, the action can be pre-cocked for carry purposes (you’ll want to see what it actually does, so follow me on Instagram for when I do the trigger pull video). All I will say for now is…it is definitely a curve ball if you’re use to traditional DA/SA firearms!

As far as reliability goes, I haven’t had any issues with the gun, but I have had issues with ammunition through it. I tried to run 50 rounds of Federal Aluminum through the pistol and it kept failing to extract. I am going to place this occurrence on the ammunition and not the firearm. Each time it seems that the ejector tried to do its job and the claw tried to eject the round, but the casing was just in the chamber too tightly. From my understanding this isn’t a very uncommon issue. I haven’t had any issues with shooting brass cased ammunition (so far just Remington UMC) and will be giving it 50 rounds of steel cased here in the coming weeks (don’t worry, I’ll be putting more through the pistol before I’m done with it).

With that, I will dive into the design detail that I mentioned earlier. I have had a few people gripe about the capacity of the magazines of the LH9CN which is 10 smiles total. At first I was not a fan of this aspect either until I found out why. With the LH9 line of pistols its important to remember that its a handgun designed for combat first and for civilians last. The magazines have a dimple on the sides that act as a ledge to keep the follower straight, as well as ensuring that there is never too much tension put onto the springs. This design almost entirely removes the chance of your magazines causing issues (such as nose diving).

This is a give-or-take sort of thing. I have seen enough people having issues with carrying +1 and I’ve seen how compressed some magazine springs are now after being loaded. So, do you want ultra-reliable magazines, or do you want to have an increased chance of an issue in the time of need caused by your magazine? Of course, a lot of these issues can be remedied by performing preventative maintenance on your mags, but for new owners this is something I would have taken into consideration; had I known about it.

Had I been apart of designing the magazines (remember, this isn't a brand new design, this is a design from the 80's) I would have tried to make the ledges a little shorter as to fit a couple more rounds in.

Before I finish, I want to thank Lionheart Industries again for getting this pistol to me for T&E. It’s truly appreciated by myself and my followers. Especially with getting to bring in one of the more unknown pistols on the market. If you haven’t heard of the LH9CN of even of Lionheart, you should head over to their Facebook page to give a like!

My final thoughts for now… the LH9CN is a surprising pistol. It runs well and the quality even though its been used prior is top notch. I look forward to getting a few hundred more rounds through the Lionheart in the coming days. As always everyone, thank you for reading, and keep things practical out there!

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