Streamlight Stylus Pro

The Penlight that Could

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is possibly the best penlight on the market. I’ve had a few in the past that just broke down inside of a couple of months. My Stylus Pro has taken quite a beating and just keeps on chugging along like nothing happened to it.

Before we hop into the review, lets go over the specs on the flashlight. I do want to note that I have a model that doesn’t have the upgraded output. All of the current ones on the market do have the higher output rating.

Specs of the Streamlight Stylus Pro:
Updated Output:860 Candela, 90 Lumens
Old Output (my model): 690 Candela, 65 Lumens
Bulb life: 30,000 hours
Light Color: White
Run time: 6.5 hours
Power source: 2-AA batteries
Activation method: Tail cap button
Weight: 1.64 ounces
Length: 5.3 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.6 inches
IPX 4 rated water resistant
Impact resistant to 1 meter
Case material: Aluminum



The Stream Stylus Pro is the light I go to for most of my needs. It’s handy, it isn’t cumbersome, and using it is extremely easy. It won’t blind anyone and it isn’t really going to be your best bet out in the open country. It is going to do everything in between well. With nearly 7 hours of advertised run time I’ve only changed the batteries out once in the two years that I’ve owned the light

Even though the light I have isn’t going to be as bright as your new one, there is more than enough light to inspect stuff. Whether you’re walking in from your vehicle, or talking a walk when it’s dark out, the Stylus Pro will illuminate your way. This light has more than adequate flood and a usable hotspot.

If you’re needing to use umbrella lighting (shining it at the ceiling) you can expect to be able to see about 10ft around so. If you’re wanting to see something your friend is doing 50yds away though, you need something brighter. As far as a simple multi-role EDC light though, the Stylus Pro is amazing.

When it comes to use, the Streamlight Stylus Pro is easy enough for a cat to use. You add pressure on the tail cap for momentary on and you apply more pressure (until you hear a click) to active continuous on. The momentary on is extremely easy to activate. If you’re looking for a flashlight you can learn Morse code with, the Stylus Pro is an excellent learning tool.

The continuous on does require a little bit of pressure to activate, but I haven’t had any issues. If you have difficulties though, you can remove the rubberized tail cap. Doing this does make it easier to activate, but the light will no longer be water resistant if dropped. The clip does appear to be loosely attached, but in hard use I haven’t had it come off at all.

Normally I would say most people expect pen lights to be frail and unable to take a beating…well, the Stylus Pro kind of breaks that stereotype. I have accidentally ran it through my washer three or four times and my clothes dryer once. To date I haven’t had any issues with it. I have also dropped it numerous times on hard surfaces such as concrete and the light didn’t so much as flicker.

For the $16 I paid for mine on Black Friday I wasn’t expecting it to be able to take such a beating… or for the finish to be in as good of shape as it is now. The only “upgrade” I can really see me doing to this light (minus getting the new one!) is adding some skateboard/grip tape to its body so it isn’t as slippery in wetter weather.

If you’re looking for a sub $25 utilitarian light to keep in your desk drawer, in your car, or in your pocket the Streamlight Stylus Pro is a good purchase to make; especially with the warranty it has. As always guys, keep it practical out there and thanks for reading!! Special thanks to Craig from Streamlight’s Customer Service team for helping me with the output information on the older model.

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