Supposedly at SHOT this year Glock will be announcing the G43x!
We all thought that the 19x was the most pointless thing ever, right? Boy, were we wrong!
The G43x is going to be 15mm taller than the G43 and 4mm wider.
Using measurements from Glock’s website(less the 43x’s), let’s compare!

Glock 43x
Height: 123mm
Width: 31mm
Capacity: 10rds
Glock 26:
Height: 106mm
Width: 32mm
Capacity: 10rds
Glock 19:
Height: 128mm
Width: 32mm
Capacity: 15rds

IF the rumored measurements of the G43x are accurate, you are essentially buying a California Compliant Glock 19 that has no aftermarket support.
If you’re thinking “Oh the G43x is going to be the latest and greatest!” Just buy a Glock 19…
I think at this point Glock is just making the point that they can sell anything.
Shout out to RECOIL for the image and information.

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