Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun

The military recently announced that they have given Brugger & Thomet a $2.5 million dollar contract for 350 B&T APC9Ks. This contract also includes the magazines, slings, accessories, spare parts, and undoubtedly training for armorers.

These new submachine guns are intended to be put in the hands of the Army’s security soldiers. The military has left room to be able to purchase up to 1,000 of these SMGs in the future if needed.

The AP9C is a compact submachine gun chambered in 9mm. B&T isn’t exactly a well known company on the American market and their offerings aren’t exactly cheap. I’m fairly interested in seeing how these new SMGs fair in use by our military and what ends up happening with Brugger & Thomet in the future.

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