Was It Forgotten? Mossberg MC1

Mossberg brought to light the MC1 during or slightly before SHOT (I can’t remember as I’m typing this), aaand that was the last we heard of it. A lot of people didn’t see the need for it and didn’t really see it doing anything special.

To me, the takedown was pretty interesting, I would argue it was innovative, and beneficial to the average shooter. It came with a flat faced trigger shoe, DLC coatings on the slide and barrel, and some other nifty features.

Since I haven’t heard anything about this subcompact Glock 43 competitor, I decided to finally look it up myself since I finally remembered it. It’s on the market now and I’m seeing it for around $330 shipped… that’s a competitive price to the market giants.

I myself have been looking into some single stack subcompact carry guns lately…and I won’t lie. I’m fairly tempted to pick one of these up. They’re cheap, the features seem to be fantastic, and the magazines are relatively cheap.

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