Naroh Arms N1…announced?

Enter the new comer that… no one has heard of. Naroh Arms is what appears to be a new manufacture down in Florida, although they have been around and producing OEM parts since 2013. The Naroh N1 is going to be on display at NRAAM this year, along with all the boomers carrying their 1911’s in Uncle Mike’s OWBs.

What is the Naroh N1? Well, it’s a fish in a crowded pond. It’s a subcompact single stack carry gun chambered in 9mm… nothing special so far, right? Well, here’s where it appears to get interesting. First, it has a 1913 rail…but at that size, I’m not sure what all is going to fit on it; maybe the Olight PL-Mini 2?

It also has a chassis system (think similar to the modular guns that came out recently) that can be replaced by a gunsmith, but the chassis is made of aluminum, and as far as I can tell, the exterior is polymer. How big the chassis is is a point of interest for me. For anyone familiar with the Arsenal Strike One, it had an aluminum under frame…sort of and then a polymer cover over that. I’m curious if the Naroh N1 is going to be similar; if so I would dare to say it’s going to recoil softer than any of it’s competition.

Beyond that, the pistol is double action only and going off of their comment responses on Facebook the trigger pull will be in the realm of 6lbs. Going off of what their website says, the pistol will be available in all black, or two-tone with a stainless steel slide. The black variant’s slide has a LiFe FNC coating on it and the barrels on both variants will have the coating as well. What is LiFe FNC? I’m not sure.

Take down for the Naroh N1 appears to be similar to the FN FNS line of pistols, in which it uses a lever, but the trigger doesn’t need to be pulled to actually take the gun down; which is completely different than the FN FNS. It’s also nice to see that it uses Glock sights…now my question. With the standard capacity of 7rds is it using Glock 43 styled mags? Or are they going to be proprietary?

If I’m able to make it to NRAAM this year (which I’m 90% certain I will be) I’ll be sure to stop by and get some pictures for you all.


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