Steadfast Holsters IWB Review

Holster reviews are going to be ones that take time for me to get done. I don’t want to carry with it for a couple of weeks and then give my opinion. I want to be able to get some time in with using them, and then proceed from there.

I ordered my holster from Steadfast late last year and got it in early November. The quality of the holster is great, there aren’t any rough edges, and the adjustable retention is great. The holster claw does a good job at keeping the holster anchored for AIWB carry and I haven’t noticed any abnormal discomfort while wearing the holster.

Compared to the few holsters I’ve had for other guns and the few I’ve handled in person for Glock models, Steadfast’s holsters are real tight to the lines of the guns, which has made it that much more comfortable when using it to carry my 19x. Kenton’s holsters, as far as I can tell, also accommodate suppressor height sights without it needing to be requested. This is a huge plus, especially if you’re planning on trying out various different sight options before settling on one.

Minus my issues with the Glock 19x itself for carry (which I’ll go more into detail on in the review for it), the Steadfast Holster has been fantastic. The loops hold onto my belt real well, it’s a slimline holster, and it disappears on me. Below you’ll see a picture of how well it disappears with just a T-Shirt over it and the 19x.

If you’re looking for a custom kydex holster, I would definitely recommend getting in contact with Steadfast Holsters on Facebook¬†and see if he can get you a holster made.

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