Nemo Arms Monark

A Nice Change

The Nemo Arms Monark has been a gun I’ve been excited to mess with for quite some time. Why? It was one of the only metal framed striker fired guns on the market when I found out about it. It’s only competition? The late Hudson H9 (AKA the Hype 9). For those that have never heard of Nemo Arms before, they specialized in ARs and precision bolt guns, and within the last couple of years they decided to throw their hat into the duty-sized handgun game.

Now, before I get into everything that I liked about this handgun, I want to talk about the most surprising part. The magazines. They’re compatible with a current market option; and it isn’t Glock. The Monark line of pistols use the Sig P226 magazines. In a world that uses everything Glock and has standardized Glock parts, this is a nice subtle change.

Moving to the ergonomics, it’s safe to say that the Monark is an extremely ergonomic handgun. The undercut on the trigger guard and molding for your middle finger is fantastic! The rest of the frame is checkered out the wazoo and those who love the most aggressive texturing possible are going to love this thing. The mag release is also placed well and it can be set-up for lefties and righties.

Now for the coolest part, the backstrap. If you go over to Monark’s website and eyeball the models, you’ll notice every single display picture has a slightly different contour. Why is this the case? Because the backstraps can be changed out. I’m not aware of any other metal framed handguns that are offering this and I think it’s the coolest thing.

The trigger on the Monark is absolutely phenomenal, it beats the Walther Q5 SF’s trigger by a mile in both pull and reset. I asked the guys at the booth what the weight of it was and their response was, “Not sure, but it gets better every time we work on it”. I expect the Monark to have the best striker fired trigger (verging 1911 territory) on the market when it finally gets released.

All of the listed options on their website do come milled for their MRDS plate system. This is going to be a love hate set-up for everyone. There are a lot of people who hate running plate systems for optics and there’s people that love using them. Of the options you have 1-FDE model that comes with a threaded barrel and 3-black models. Of the 3 black models, 2 have threaded barrels, and one does not. 

If you ask me, the team over at Nemo have something special here, now they just need to push it, and push it hard. Is it going to be worth the price when it comes out? We’ll have to wait and see. The only thing I do know is, is that more companies need to take the time and produce some alloy or steel framed striker fired guns.

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