Archon Type B

Slight Disappointment

The Archon Type B is what used to be Arsenal Italy’s new entry to the handgun world. Legalese here, legalese there, and Arsenal had to change their name to Archon. The Type B is the compact descendant of the famous Arsenal Strike One. From a mechanical standpoint the Archon Type B is like no other handgun on the market as it uses a different type of locking system that’s real interesting.

The Type-B faces the same challenge that the Strike One did. It’s a polymer framed, striker fired handgun that’s coming onto the market at just shy of $900. For a lot of people, that price can’t be justified just based on the aforementioned.

The grip angle on the Archon Type-B is very natural feeling, the cutout on the front of the slide does make pulling the slide easier for press checks, and the serrations all around are fantastic. Now, this is where things kind of end for me. The grip texturing is…well, underwhelming. It’s too thick and the appearance of being aggressive is a little misleading.

The trigger is alright, but it’s nothing outstanding from what I recall. The biggest issue I had with the Type-B was the magazine release. Why? When you engaged the magazine release, it pushes out the opposite side of the grip, and hits your middle finger. This is going to cause people to run into issues if they’re death gripping the gun while doing a magazine change. For an almost $900 firearm, this is a design flaw that I feel needs to be corrected in some way. 

Overall, I’m not a fan of the Archon Type-B. It was overhyped to me by a few friends which definitely had an impact on what I thought about this gun. Yes, from a mechanical standpoint, it’s cool, real cool…but so is the Walther CCP which uses a piston system similar to the HK P7. If you love the Archon Type-B, more power to you…but just from playing with it, I don’t think I’m a fan.


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