Beretta 92x- NRAAM Coverage

Is The Hype Right?

Alright, so the day that I posted the photos of the Beretta 92x and made the comments I made, I was tired and worn out from the day before. Throw in a little bit of reflection, and my comment about the controls sucking was a little uncalled for. So, as a follow-up here’s my non-tired thoughts on this gun.

For those that don’t know, the Beretta 92x was designed for competition use. It has beefy controls, a stainless slide, a steel (not stainless) frame, and extended controls out the wazoo. The frame is actually a Vertec frame which should make some of you happy. It also comes from the factory with a superb trigger job on it. 

What separates the 92x Performance from the LTT and other Berettas? Well, quite a bit. First let’s hit on the controls. There isn’t a slide mounted decocker/safety, just a frame mounted safety. So yes, cocked-and-locked carry is an option if you decided to carry this beast. The takedown lever is oversized, it has an extended magazine release, the slide release is designed differently (but I wouldn’t say extended), and it has the equivalent of an extended safety for a 1911.

From the appearance of the gun, you would first think that it’s an all stainless gun, but it isn’t. The slide is the heavier stainless steel Brigadier slide with “sawtooth” serrations and the frame is a steel that has been coated with Nistan. What’s Nistan? Well, it’s a nickel based coating… so I’ll never own one since I’m allergic.

The trigger system is called the “Extreme S-Trigger Mechanism” which is a new system that can allow the user to adjust pre-travel and extra travel. I’m not sure what the adjustments were on the sample as NRAAM, but the trigger was fantastic. The double-action was extremely nice, the single action was banging, and the reset was extra short (in the 1mm territory I’d say).

Overall, I have mixed opinions on the Beretta 92x. I think the price point is solid; MSRP of $1,399 so it’s already under the Walther PPQ Q5 SF. The trigger is amazing, the safety is easy to manipulate,and the slide is ultra-smooth. My main point of concern? The slide release; which is what I mentioned in my Facebook post.

With the safety disengaged you can’t really manipulate the slide release. Is this an issue? Not really. It’s a competition gun first and foremost and from what I gather, most competition shooters use the slingshot method. In my practice/training, I train to use the slingshot method. That said, I’m a Picky Peggy when it comes to controls.

If they’re there, I want to be able to use them with ease, otherwise there’s no point in having them. But, with me not even training to use the slide release, and with competition shooters not really using them… is it a killshot for this gun? No, not at all. Overall, I liked the Beretta 92x, I’d like to own one in the future…but because of my nickel allergy that may never happen.

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