Astra Cub

The Short Cub

The Astra Cub/2000 is a mouse gun made by Unceta Y Cia in Spain from the 50s until the 60s as far as I can find. An interesting thing worth noting, is that Unceta Y Cia produced 67,000 of these small cubs as the “Colt Junior” for Colt between the year 1957 and 1968. The pistol that came in were either chambered in .25ACP or .22Short and conversion kits were available for both calibers to increase your fun.

Claus Guns

In my adventures of the gun community, I’ve come across a lot of interesting and nice people. One of these people I’ve known since I first started really getting into firearms; low and behold, I’ve known him since he got into guns. For the sake of anonymity my friend and I decided on using the pseudonym “Claus Guns”. Claus will be bring in some interesting old guns for you all to see, as well as a small review from the perspective of a true enthusiast.

What’s a true enthusiast in my eyes? A true enthusiast isn’t a person who buys guns purely based on their defensive capabilities, or the caliber they shoot. They pick-up guns that look neat and interesting, regardless of the caliber, just for the pure joy of enjoying them. As enthusiastic as I am about firearms, I would definitely throw myself into the hobbyist category more so, Claus though? He’s a true enthusiast in my book.

Claus’ Thoughs

The Astra Cub is definitely one of those older guns that gets overlooked by the average collector and enthusiast, maybe because it was made in Spain, or because the name is relatively unknown. Personally, I think it’s a gun that should be high up on the list to get for a new collector that’s just getting started because they’re cheap.

My Astra Cub was made in 1966, it’s chambered in .22Short, but unfortunately I don’t have the .25ACP conversion kit for it. Even though I’d never consider using this as a defensive pistol in any capacity, it’s a beautifully made firearm that has a nice deep bluing that we just don’t see these days. The little Cub is a fun range toy that I’ve not had any issues with in 150 rounds. It’s amazingly accurate for it’s size and best of all, I’ve not gotten any slide bite yet!

The take down and controls are interesting on the Astra Cub. The slide release doubles as the safety and to start the take-down procedure you have to lock the slide to the rear. After that, you rotate the barrel, pull the barrel out of the front, release the slide lock, and while releasing the lock you have to hold onto the slide to let it come forward slowly. Reassembly is just the take-down process in reverse.  As complex as it seems to take down, maintenance for this pistol is real easy. 

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