Canik brings out the ONE Series

So, earlier this month (May) Canik debuted the ONE series of the TP9. The ONE series is supposed to be the budget version of the TP9 line of pistols. If you’ve followed the TP9 since it hit the market, these prices may get your a little red under the ears. Now, before I go into the price, I’ll go over what they’re doing to bring the price down.

So, to start things off, yes. They are bringing a standard TP9SF variant AND a TP9SF Elite variant to the market. Instead of shipping with 2 magazines like the standard models, ONE series TP9s will be shipping with ONE magazine and ONE backstrap (see what they did there?).  While reducing the amount of backstraps and mags you’re getting with your purchase, Canik is giving a nickel coating to all of the action components in the gun.

As far as I can tell, everything between the standard TP9 line and the ONE series is going to be the same minus the internal parts getting a coating on the ONE series, as well as ONE of the items mentioned. The price?

For the TP9SF ONE you’re looking at an MSRP of $299, for the Elite ONE you’re looking at $324. Just from doing a quick search for pricing… I’m seeing the Elite ONE series for $299 shipped already. Using that as my guesstimate, I imagine we’ll be seeing the TP9SF ONE for around $250-260 shipped.

Some of you may be wondering if this puts the TP9 line on my radar for the immediate future. The short and sweet? No. I’ve played with the TP9 line a few times, including the SFX (?), and to be honest that just seemed real… blah to me. At the price point of the standard model, however, my interests have risen a little bit.

Now, before I let you go… The TP9 line is NOT a Walther PPQ knock-off. It’s a Walther P99 knock-off.

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