Walther PPS M2 Initial Impressions

For those that missed the posts on Facebook, the Walther PPS is truly an experiment for me. I bought this gun blindly off of online reviews and having never handled one in person. Now, you may be wondering to yourself why I would do that. Well, many people can’t find gun A or gun B locally to fondle before buying, and go blindly off of what reviewers say. So, to better my reviews for you, I decided to do just that, and then compare my findings to what I found in the reviews I watched.

Now, to break the norm here on TacCat.Ninja, I have two videos you can watch below where I go over my first overall thoughts on the gun the day I got it, as well as my first shots with the gun a week after.

First Thoughts on the PPS M2

I would also like to add in how incredibly thin the PPS M2 is. I can’t quite pocket carry it (unfortunately) but I think it’s going to make for an excellent deep concealment gun.

First Shots with the PPS M2

Now to clarify for you, the reason the slide wasn’t locking to the rear was entirely a me issue. I have larger hands and I’m accustomed to larger pistols where the slide release either sits highers, or it’s positioned a little further forward.This is in no part an issue with the gun.

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