Pete Brownell steps down from NRA Board of Directors

Since NRAAM there has been a ton of infighting between board members at the NRA. You have board members going after other board members, and you have NRA executives making statements that are blatant lies (I’ll be going more into this in another article).  For me, Mr. Brownell stepping down as a board member doesn’t come as a surprise.

It’s an organization that has caused a tremendous divide in the gun community, it’s an organization that’s entirely divided itself, and at the core of the problems is one person. Wayne LaPierre.

That said, here’s Pete Brownells’ statement on his stepping down:

“In the coming weeks, my company will be making exciting announcements about new opportunities that are important to the future success of our business. We look forward to sharing that news as soon as possible. Given the hard work and full-time attention that will be needed as our brands continue to grow, I’ve decided to step down from my position on the NRA’s board of directors.

It’s been an honor to serve the five million members of the NRA and I will continue standing side-by-side with the millions of Americans who care deeply about defending the Second Amendment.”

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens moving forward from this and I look forward to seeing what Brownells has in store for us in the future (sorry guys, I’m not important enough to get insider scoops yet, haha). But with Mr. Brownell stepping down, I’m curious to see if his company will continue to give support to the National Rifle Association, or if it’s going to slowly run out.

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