Beretta LTT Initial Impressions

Alright, so some of you saw the first part of my initial thoughts on the Beretta Elite LTT, some of you didn’t…so I’m embedding the video into this post, as well as giving a small update. In the first part of the video which I uploaded to Facebook, I had a mag fail to lock to the rear. Before I got to the range, I was noticing that the mags weren’t wanting to lock to the rear unless I yanked the slide back hard.In the later part of this video below, you’ll see me showing this.

I contacted Beretta that Thursday and told them about what was going on and they said they had wanted me sending it in. Before sending it in, I wanted to make sure that there was 100%, without any doubt, an issue with the slide not wanting to lock back on the last round fired. So last weekend I took the LTT out with 115gr and 124gr Remington UMC, as well as some Winchester 124gr NATO (M882). After spending some time and being more attentive to what was going on with the gun, I figured out the issue.

As I started out on Facebook, let me quote non-other than Alex Jones real quick. “I’m gonna be honest… I’m kind of retarded.” I wasn’t riding the slide release, but I was at the same time. On recoil the very, very edge of my thumb was hitting the slide release just enough to cause it to not lock back. So, as you can probably guess by now… I was the issue. Not the Beretta Elite LTT.



If you’ve gotten to this point and you’re wondering what makes the Beretta Elite LTT special from the other Beretta models, checkout the video above. I go over all of that and some more in the video!

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