Be Wary of Trump

Let me start off this article by saying I voted for Donald Trump. In fact, most of the people I know voted for Donald Trump because they were petrified by what would happen if Hillary Clinton was elected. That said, Trump campaigned on several things that I was in support of. The wall, going after corrupt politicians, and the famous quote: 

Now, I was very skeptical, but at the same time hopeful about the sincerity of what he was campaigning on. I do believe that going after corrupt politicians and throwing the book at them is needed. I do believe we need a border wall and it needs to be apart of the D.o.D budget. I also believe that we don’t need anymore gun laws in this country.

When Donald Trump got into office, there was a handful of things gun owners were 100% behind, and gun owners were doing their best to push these things on the individual level since very few organizations were pushing hard. Two of those things? National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act. That said, let’s run over some of the campaign promises.

  1. The Wall: It hasn’t happened yet. Private citizens started a fundraiser for citizens to be able to fund and build the wall. When the money was offered to the government, they were told, “If we did take it, you can’t tell us what to do with it.” Trump hasn’t made any comment on this from what I’ve seen.
  2. Hillary Clinton: She’s still breathing fresh air and an investigation hasn’t even been opened up.
  3. Guns: Since entering office, Trump has made several concerning comments such as “Take the guns first, then go to the courts.” Trump has also made comments in regards to 3D printed guns, and very recently made a statement about suppressors… essentially killing all hope that the Hearing Protection Act (or anything similar) would pass under this administration.

Let’s talk about what the President said in regards to the Virginia Beach shooting. A reporter asked him this question:

“The suspect in the Virginia Beach shooting used a silencer on his weapon.  Do you believe that silencers should be restricted?”

The President’s response? Well…:

“I don’t like them at all”.

If you would like verification on him saying this, it can be found on the White House website itself.

Now, as unfortunate as this is, I have to make an update to this article as I’m writing it. President Trump has taken the stance that he’s going to be looking at banning suppressors/silencers all together. This is something that I am adamantly against and I’ve already written all of my representatives (as well as the White House) voicing my discontent with President Trump’s new stance on silencers.

As things stand, I do agree with the headline saying that Trump has been one of the most divisive presidents in the last hundred years. I came into the community when Barrack Obama was our president. At the time, the firearms community specifically, was not as divided as it is today. When Obama was in office, it was like almost every gun owner was on the same page: “Get rid of the National Firearms Act”.  A larger portion of the community was also against the Hughes Amendment.

Now, under Donald Trump, we see the community more divided on the National Firearms Act and other topics than before. There is some validity to people saying: “When Republicans introduce gun control, it’s a non-issue, but when Democrats do, it’s time for war.” My last two statements have been divisive in and of themselves, but we as a community, need to stop just looking out for ourselves.

We need to come together and we need to fight for one another’s rights. The tacticool guys need to help defend the hunters and fudds. The hunters and fudds need to help defend the tacicool guys. At the end of the day, the saying of, “United we stand, Divided we fall” should resonate with everyone in the community.


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