Chuck Canterbury Nominated to lead BATF

This is a story that’s been making it ways around the gun community by… just about every media person. Most of the articles seem to be half-assed and poorly written without many details about what’s going on and what’s what. That is the reason I haven’t made any comments or posts about this nomination…because I wanted to get the full story to give to you to alleviate any confusion.

It appears that this is yet another decision by President Trump that is causing a divide among the community. Some are excited about the decision it seems, but an overwhelming amount of individuals seem to be against this decision… I can’t say I don’t have my concerns and that I’m not worried. For those that don’t know, the ATF hasn’t had an official director since 2015.

Four bigger organizations seems to be at wits end on this issue. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, also known as NSSF, and the American Suppressor Association, also known as the ASA, seem to be in favor of this nomination. Gun Owners of America, or GOA, and National Association for Gun Rights, or NAGR are in opposition to this nomination. Depending on where your allegiances lie between his organizations may dictate your opinion on this.

Let’s cut to the chase. Mr. Canterbury has a history of being anti-gun. He has a history of supporting anti-gun legislation. Canterbury as the leader of the Fraternal Order of Police testified for Sonia Sotomayor to become a judge on the Supreme Court. For those that don’t know, Sotomayor does not believe that the individual has a fundamental right to keep and bear arms and that States do not have a requirement to respect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Now for more on Canterbury. Canterbury is adamantly against Constitutional Carry and has consistently voiced his opinion of being against it. He’s pro-emergency risk protection orders ( fuck your 4th Amendment rights too). Not ONLY is he for ERPOs, he’s for the police being able to access mental health records of the individual willy-nilly essentially…what was that about a 4th Amendment?

Canterbury also wants to broaden the background check system that we use today (NICS). NICS is already a very thorough system from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t need to be expanded, and the states need to submit the required documentation in order for it to work. This is just further proof that those in power are completely ignorant to what laws exist, what they’re for, and how they work.

You will find articles here and there that will be in agreement with the ASA and NSSF’s stance on Canterbury. However, the things that you will find that could be considered “Pro-2A” that Canterbury has said, have been specifically for police officers; not civilians. As the leader of the F.O.P he’s supposed to be supporting and extending the capabilities of law enforcement across the nation. That said, I haven’t found a whole lot about his support of the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, or an individuals ability to defend themselves against an attacker.

At the end of the day, we need an ATF Director that is unequivocally pro-gun. We need a Director that supports the Constitution of the United States of America. We need a director that realizes and respects every individual’s right to defend themselves wherever they are in this nation. We need an ATF director that is going to help strengthen the rights of the law abiding citizen; not restrict them.

Whether or not you want him to head the ATF, be sure to contact your senators, and tell them what you think about this nomination. Personally? I’m telling them a huge “HELL NO!”.

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