Gun Laws; A Discussion

Every day we see people on the anti-gun side of the aisle saying that those on the pro-gun side of the aisle don’t want to have an honest discussion when it comes to gun laws in the United States. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gun owners love talking about guns. Gun owners love obsessing over gun laws; that’s why we hate talking to you.

As an anti-gunner you get the terminology wrong, as an anti-gunner you probably have no idea what laws currently exist, or how anything that’s regulated is regulated. These are things you have to be able to understand and have a working knowledge base on in order to formulate a solid opinion.

In the video below, I hit on a few different gun laws, and I correct terminologies that are being used by both sides of this debate. If you seriously want to have an honest discussion on this issue, use the correct terminology; because that terminology has legal backings. That terminology determines where or not something you have in your hands is even legal to possess.


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