Fallout Cookbook Review

Welcome to my first book review! What better way to start-off than with the Fallout themed cookbook!? Recently it seems Bethesda decided that their sales for Fallout 76 were failing (because the game SUCKS) so what better way to recoup some of that refund money than by publishing cook books for their two big series? I’m just kidding, the book came out a little while before Fallout 76; but the game still sucks.

Written by Victoria Rosenthal the The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook brings to table some different takes on traditional recipes as well as some new ones with nicely detailed photographs so you can see just how poorly you followed the instructions! The book humorously adds in the descriptions for the Fallout inspired dishes as well as the perks that they provided, for example Buffout gives you “+2 Strength and Endurance for 1 hour”. Each recipe is also rated for how easy it is, and what it would pair well with.

All of the finished products that get pictured definitely resemble their in game counterparts and they look absolutely delicious! The only dish I can’t quite figure out, is the one on the front cover. None of the finished recipes in the book seem to share that image. Maybe it’s the Bighorner Steak from Fallout New Vegas? Let me know what you think on Facebook!

You also have recipes that require other recipes; cool, right? You have Nuka-Cola barbecue sauce that requires the Nuka-Cola recipe to be made; and the sauce is incorporated into other recipes in the book.

Minus being left desiring the recipe to the for that large Atomic Shake and double Brahmin burger with a light drizzle of agave sauce, the recipes are are awesome, and I can’t wait to try them out! If you’re a huge Fallout fan like I am, then the Fallout Cookbook is definitely something worth picking up.

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