LOX Black Diamond Skin Salve

Alright, if you follow me sorta closely on social media, you know I picked up the LOX Black Diamond Skin Salve for aftercare on my newest tattoo. My friend AJ told me about how well it’s worked out for him and sent me some pictures of his older tattoos…and I’ll be damned, but they look brand new. So, for your benefit, and mine, I’m going to do a 6 month review of the Black Diamond Salve to see what happens.

For the purposes of this review, I took photos in an area where I can replicate the lighting real easily. The image themselves definitely don’t do my new tattoo any justice, but the intent of the photos is to be able to tell on screen if there’s any difference from this last Sunday, to whatever the day is 6 months from then.

If the images appear grainy, don’t worry. I have the originals stored at their full resolution and those will be thrown into the finished review if needed. The two images below were taken on 6/23/19, since taking the image, I’ve applied the salve 3 times a day to each tattoo. Once I’ve had the newest tattoo for another week or so, I’ll be applying the salve equally to both as I see fit.

Pick up some Black Diamond SalveĀ HERE.

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