The Lazy Man’s Wedge

Dr. Scholl’s Heel Insert Wedge

I got the Dr. Scholl’s idea from a post on Facebook which I ended up watching a video of on YouTube. Me, being the lazy individual I am, saw it as a cheap/low maintenance alternative to a foam wedge. I ended up going out and picking up the women’s heel insert (fearing the men’s might be too large for the holster), went home, and got it attached as soon as possible.

In the month that I’ve used it, I’ve logged just over 170 hours of wear time, which I think is more than enough time to be able to give you a fair opinion on what I think about this idea. The holster it was used on? My Steadfast Holster for my Glock 19x. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be an overly long post.

To give you a frame of reference, I’m 6’1 and I weigh between 220lbs-230lbs depending on the day… basically what I’m saying is I have tactical fluff. This fluff caused me some issues with the 19x, specifically, the slide to grip ratio was making the gun want to flip out. Without the claw on the holster, I think it would have been even worse.

The add-on of the Dr. Scholl’s Heel Insert definitely changed things up. The insert was able to push the grip more into my belly and really added a balance to the 19x that wasn’t previously there. Where concealment is concerned, the insert definitely gave me some much needed support. The printing I encountered after standing up from a seated position went away and the flipping issue with the Glock 19x went away as well.

At first the insert definitely felt weird and it will require a work-in period for you to get used to it. After a week I wasn’t noticing it as much and seated AIWB (especially driving) comfort went through the roof. There are a few caveats to the comfort though.

  1. When you aren’t wearing an undershirt the insert can be uncomfortable and it can drag the front of your underpants down.
  2. The big one is heat. Without any experience with a foam wedge I can’t do a comparison for you, but, during the heatwave in Indiana it was reaching 110°F with about 90% humidity; absolutely god awful. When it gets this hot, the non-breathable material the sole is made of is going to perspire while you perspire, basically doubling down on perspiration. With that perspiration that area of clothing will get sopping wet (not externally thankfully) and highly uncomfortable. I did notice a slight odor, but it went away quickly with the use of a Clorox wipe.
  3.  If you’re sitting for extended periods of time, the pattern on the back of the wedge will imprint onto your skin (even through a tank top and underwear). I have found that when taking the holster out for the night that it causes a temporary stinging sensation (similar to when your foot falls asleep, but slightly painful). The pain dissipates after a minute, so not a huge issue.

Overall, for sub-$10 I’m not upset with the idea and actually quite like it. On hot days I can take the wedge off without an issue and the stinging sensation only lasts about a minute after long days of sitting on my arse. If you aren’t wanting to purchase a foam wedge or do the trimming work, I would say this a solid idea.

Here’s the list of what you’ll need to do this:
Adhesive Velcro– Both parts in half, the hook side goes on the insert itself, the fluffy part get’s the corners cut, and then thrown on the holster.

Dr. Scholl’s Heel Insert– This pattern isn’t the same as the one I’m using, but it looks like it would be more comfortable.

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