The Best Holster for Concealed Carry…

Once a person get’s their first handgun, their first question is almost always: “What holster is the best to conceal this gun with?” Immediately after hundreds of people flock to the comments section giving their opinion. They don’t give any reasoning (most the time), they just tag the company, and say “It’s good!” in a ritualistic manner.

Here’s the the blunt truth for everyone out there. There is no “best holster for concealed carry”. There are good companies that produce good products and there are bad companies that produce bad products. That said, even a good company’s holster might not work out for you and your life style. There’s a lot of different information out there that’s going to guide you towards one option of another. A lot of people are also sponsored by certain holster companies which gives them an unconscious bias.

For that reason, I will never have a holster sponsor for the blog, and I’ll always be certain to let you know if I got it for free to do a review over.

Things to look for to determine quality for kydex:
Is there excess kydex compared to other companies?
Ex: “We The People” has a ton of extra kydex left on, unrounded corners, etc.

Do they only offer the FOMI Clip?
The FOMI Clip is issue prone for gun holsters. I have had 2 holsters with it and they all have a tendency to follow the gun on draw.

Is the trigger guard covered up to the magazine release?
I see way too many holsters out there in general that don’t have proper trigger guard coverage. You don’t want any chance of anything slipping in there while you’re carrying.

For conjoined Appendix Carry:
Is there a flex point for the mag/gun combos?
Ex: AIWB holsters like the T-Rex Arms Sidecar have the ability to fracture between the mag carrier and the gun. AIWB holsters like the Tier 1 Concealment Axis Slim offer a flex point between the two, removing the chance of fracturing.

Things to look for to determine quality for leather:
Is it molded to a specific gun?
Non-molded/multi-gun leather holsters tend to not have any retention whatsoever.

Is it made out of foreskin leather like the VersaCarry (which isn’t even trashcan worthy)?

Universally, a non-AIWB conjoined holster is inferior. Your extra magazine shouldn’t be on the same side as the firearm. Being on the opposite side makes it harder and slower to change your magazine in the event that you need to.


In Part 4 of my Handgun Buyer’s Guide, I go over holsters. I will be taking some time to do some updating, but it has a lot of the information you need in order to get started looking, including going over the different materials, the most common belt attachments, etc. At the end of the day though, there is no ultimate or best concealed carry holster for any particular gun. There’s good companies with good products and there’s bad companies with bad products.

P.S. At some point in the future I will purposefully buy a holster that has a lot of excess material so I can do a comparison video for you all.

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