Rocketbook Notepad Review

The Notes of the Future?

RocketBook Everlast Mini is a pocketable sized notepad that’s… reusable? Yes, it’s a reuseable notebook that comes with an erasable pen. The pages are waterproof and almost feel like the sheets our teachers would use on those stone age overhead projectors. The pen that the pad comes with is a Pilot erasable FriXion.

For data entry, condensing what you’re carrying with you (without losing information), etc. I feel like the Rocketbook is definitely the way to go for those who still like manually writing notes (don’t feel bad, I do too).

What separates this notepad from all the other notepads? Well, each page has it’s own QR code, using that QR code, you can scan whatever you write¬†on the page directly to your phone. From there you can have the notes, drawings, etc. all transferred to a lot of different services including: iCloud, Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more.

This is definitely going to be getting used by me quite a bit moving forward. As some of you know, I’ve started logging the hours I’ve worn my belts/holsters, as well as the draws/reholsters for the holsters. With this pad, I can scan those amounts and just have them stored for my own use.

Another really cool feature with this notepad is, it can transcribe notes written in English into text. I haven’t gotten to use this feature yet, but, that’s pretty nifty… hopefully it isn’t as aggravating as voice to text!

To the left (probably above for your mobile readers) you’ll see a little drawing I did to demonstrate the QR function actually working. I have the slightest clue on how this actually works, but it’s pretty cool that it does.



Overall, this is a nifty little piece of gear. I can’t tell you if waterproof pens will work with it, if the notes will be waterproof for use in rain, etc. But for desk use, traveling purposes, etc. it’s a pretty nifty notebook. At the very least, I can confirm that the pages themselves are waterproof and can be Windex’d to get them cleaned up.

On a side note, there is a full version of this notebook, and you can actually mark which service you want the notes copied to down at the bottom!

Get your Rocketbook Notebook here!

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