Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory announced the Hellcat today.
To be 100% honest, I rolled my eyes at the name because it’s almost as stupid as the “9-1-1” micro-.380 they made.

Little commentary on my part, and then I’ll give you the details you already know about.


Besides the stupid fucking name (sorry, Boomers, it is) it doesn’t have a grip safety; awesome. But… It’s still made in Croatia?
If I was Springfield, I’d be heavily embarrassed by that fact. They’re an “American” company that has a majority of it’s guns made in a European country, meanwhile all the big European manufacturers are bringing factories into the U.S. to produce firearms. Glock did it a while ago, HK started U.S. production last year (IIRC), and CZ announced a U.S. factory not too long ago.

I digress.
The Hellcat from the dimensions appears to be identical to the Sig P365, but it’s holding +1 round over the P365 in both the flush fit and the extended magazine; and we thought the 365 couldn’t be beat for capacity.

Apparently the Hellcat will have different packages, the one leaked is shown to be milled (or plated, I’m not familiar enough) for a Shield RMS-c optic.

Honestly, I never thought I’d say this, but I think this will make Springfield relevant if it’s actually reliable right off the bat. If it’s not? Well, I guess they’re used to sinking by now.


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