Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC Belt Review

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

This Blue Alpha Gear EDC belt is probably the simplest gun belt on the market. There’s no holes, there’s no complicated buckling procedure like a Formula 1 car seat, there’s just velcro and nylon. It’s cheap, low mass, sturdy, and it does it’s job.

For complete honesty, the logged hours I have with the belt on is not the total amount of time it was used. I was getting used to logging all of the data after use, so there’s definitely a lot of hours missing from the list. From the numbers I have though it’s been worn with a firearm for over 1,000 hours, and I haven’t been taking care of this thing in the slightest.


As someone with metal allergies, it’s a challenge to find belts that don’t utilize an aluminum or nickel based buckle. There’s a handful of options with stainless steel buckles, but none of them are really optimal for appendix carry.¬† After seeing some advertisements, doing some research, and talking to Kurt via his page, I decided that I would give the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile EDC belt a try. There’s no metal in the buckle, it latches via velcro, and it’s supposed to function the best with AIWB.


Dual layer nylon
Low profile loop clip
Velcro latching

(Weight is dependent on length)


Since the day I got it, I’ve abused it. I walk on it, it rests in weird positions after I throw my pants off, and I’m pretty sure my cat has used it as a scratching post a couple of times. Minus a small amount of distortion from having a gun IWB, the belt has held up fantastically. It’s remained as rigid as the day I got it (May 16, 2019), I’ve not had to make any adjustments while going through my day to day routines, and the Velcro holds on strong.

I mostly carried the Glock 19x AIWB with the belt, but I’ve also carried the Walther PPS and CZ P-07 AIWB, as well as the CZ SP-01 Tactical in an OWB holster. I want to focus in on the CZ SP-01 Tactical being carried though. In total, I’ve only carried it for about 20, 24 hours, but it’s a 3lb gun loaded, and with the belt being nylon I was expecting some type of sagging through the days I used it.
Surprising as this may sound, it held the SP-o1 Tactical better than the Urban Carry leather belt that I was rocking before. No adjustments were needed through the day of carrying it and there were no visible signs of distress from the belt.

One of the silent benefits to the Blue Alpha Gear belt is the weight savings. Whenever I watch YouTube videos, read reviews, etc. I always scoff at the “ounces are pounds” comments. Yeah, in some areas I can see that, but I wouldn’t have imagined there being as big of a comfort difference between the weight of the leather belt to the weight of this nylon belt.

Despite it being more rigid and apparently more durable than the leather belt I previously wore every day, this belt is extremely comfortable. It gives support where it’s need and comfort every where else. The only place where it’s not the most comfortable is if you have a belly and wear it without an undershirt due to how rigid it is.

I’ve worn the EDC Belt for about 80 hours total without a gun inside the waistband which is where I’m drawing this conclusion from. Some days I get home, take my shirts off, and just wear my pants… it’s a free country. The texture of the belt paired with the rigidity can cause some discomfort to the underside of your stomach if you have one, if you don’t, then this is not even something you should bat your eye at.

For some real brief commentary on their customer service, it’s fantastic from my limited experience since I’ve not had any issues with the belt. When I was looking for a new belt, I messaged a few “specialty” companies if you will about their belt lines. Blue Alpha Gear got back with me within 24 hours and we ended up talking about different carry guns after my questions got answered.

As far as shipping goes, if I remember correctly, I placed my order on a Saturday or Sunday, and I received the belt the following Wednesday or Thursday. Not an extremely long wait by any means!

Overall, for the price and the simplicity, I’ll say that the Blue Alpha Gear EDC Belt is the one to beat for concealed carry purposes. It holds up heavier guns without an issue, it holds up well against activity/abuse, it’s light weight, it’s as simple as it can get, and it’s comfortable. If you’re looking for a new EDC belt, I can’t recommend the EDC Belt enough, especially for those on a tighter budget.

They offer a handful of different belts and gear that can help improve your EDC kit and they’re all made right here in the United States of America.

Buy YOUR Low Profile EDC Belt HERE.

See all of Blue Alpha Gear’s belt offerings HERE.


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