SCOTUS, Are You There?

Today the news broke that “The Supreme Court ruled that families of Sandy Hook can sue Remington.” This is a lie and the truth is both tragic and…well, a blessing. For those that aren’t familiar with the situation, the families affected by the Sandy Hook Shooting in 2012 began trying to sue Remington in 2015. In Connecticut Remington tried citing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act as protection against the lawsuit.

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that they are not protected by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which actually does protect them, and that the families would be allowed to sue the manufacture. Today, the Supreme Court of the United States which supposedly has a “Conservative” majority decided that they wouldn’t hear the case. Why? No one knows, but the Supreme Court has remained silent on 2nd Amendment issues since 2012 or before.

Their recent inaction has resulted in two individuals who were following their state law being charged and placed in prison and now a manufacture being punished because a person used their products in a way that they weren’t intended to be used.

A week or two ago (during the 2A Rally) I made the claim that we wouldn’t win any of our rights back at the federal level, I then went on to explain why in two different posts. In the posts I highlighted issues such as the Firearms Freedom Act that a few states adopted, the Fed still enforcing federal firearm laws in those states, but not enforcing federal drug laws in marijuana states. It’s a gross contradiction and it’s a denial of state’s rights.

There’s a lot of other examples that I cited, but today we get to see a prime example of why I feel the way that we do. The Supreme Court didn’t cast an opinion on the case, they chose not to hear it. Those are who are revered as the “end all be all” in this system of checks and balances have failed to not only uphold the 2nd Amendment in two recent instances, but they have failed to uphold other laws that are in place such as the PLCAA.

Side Note: Why isn’t the Fed enforcing the PLCAA here, but they’re enforce the NFA in states like Kansas? Is it about safety? Or is it about getting those $200 tax stamps that turn a liberty into a privilege?

I reckon there’s a group of people out there who see this as a blessing in disguise. Since the Supreme Court didn’t rule on the case but instead allowed Connecticut’s Supreme Court’s ruling to stand means that it will be easier to combat in the future if it were to ever come back up. Which, from the stand point yeah, it looks like a win.

It is my view though that it is not a win, but that it is a direct loss. Firstly because there’s already a federal law stating the Remington is protected. Most importantly though, it means we have two instances in less than a year where the Supreme Court (again, which is supposedly a majority conservative) is refusing to hear 2nd Amendment related cases. We have the Supreme Court failing to do their jobs, failing to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and telling state’s that they don’t have any authority.

What was that about a system of checks and balances…?

I wish I could say there was hope in Washington D.C. of freedom getting a win, of individual liberties being able to flourish, but all the evidence points directly at that simply not being the case. The Supreme Court’s indolence today and in the past further reinforces my beliefs and my thoughts that we will only regain ground at the state and local levels first.

There’s the saying going around that we need as many active 2A groups as we can possibly muster right now. To some extent, I agree. To another extent, I disagree. We need at least 2 proactive groups in each state that are consistently lobbying for their own rights. Once we start gaining our ground back there, we need to have a few national groups built, strong, and ready to go to war with what has become one of the most corrupt government systems in the world.

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