CZ P-07 Initial Impressions

The Mean Green Fighting Machine Part 1

The CZ P-07, this has been one I’ve been excited to try out, but I’ve been putting it off to broaden my horizons…sort of. My very first firearm was a CZ 75B, since then I’ve been a fan of the metal framed CZs, but I’ve been hesitant to throw down the money on the P-07 due to the Omega trigger system. That said, the P-07 is the gun that has gotten a LOT of people not only into CZs, but into DA/SA hammer fired guns.

Full disclosure, I’m leaving out certain details in the blog so you’ll watch my YouTube video below, and in the video I’m leaving out certain details so that viewers will have to come and read the article (kinda double dipping for views…sue me).

Initial Impressions


Ergonomics on the CZ P-07 are fantastic in some areas but lackluster in other areas for multiple reasons, but my overall initial impressions are good. An initial warning right away, if you have small hands, or weak hands the P-07 isn’t for you. The decocker is the most intuitive I’ve encountered. It surpasses the SP-01’s, the P226’s, the M9’s, and the USP’s. It pushes down from the front, versus the rear, or on the slide, or as a lever compared to the guns I mentioned.

It’s also out of the way, but conveniently placed. The slide release/stop, whereas it sucks for smaller handed shooters, it’s fantastic for those with larger hands such as myself. During the entire first range session the slide locked back on every magazine fired which isn’t something I’ve encountered with other firearms doing the first range session.


I have already encountered some weird things with the P-07 that I discuss in the video, however, there’s one I didn’t cover. That one is the guide rod. With the metal framed CZ 75 series, the guns ship with a polymer guide rod…but the CZ P-07 ships with a metal guide rod. This is weird to me because of how much more the metal framed 75 series guns can be in comparison.
To add into the oddity the guide rod isn’t a one piece system, it’s two. Taking it apart you might assume it’s a single piece, but there’s a part that sticks out when the slide is locked to the rear; yes, the inner rod is metal too.

The Omega trigger system isn’t terrible and it far surpassed what I was expecting after playing with the model at NRAAM. After the review process is done, if it stays with me (which it probably is), I’m definitely going to be doing some modifications to the gun, with the first one being the trigger. It’s not terrible, but that double action pull is definitely stubbornly different from what I’m accustomed to with DA/SA guns.

Overall, for a $4-$450 gun, the CZ P-07 has me happy, and I like it quite a bit. There ergos are good, the controls are out of the way but not un-usable, and it seems to be reliable from the few hundred rounds I’ve put through it. If you have any questions prior to the full review coming out, be sure to shoot me a message on Facebook or Instagram, and I’ll do my best to get an answer to you!

Also, special thanks to Instruments of Freedom for hooking me up with a deal on the Mean Green Fighting Machine. Without their help on getting this gun, and the support that they gave me while I was sick, I probably would have just gone with the Beretta PX4 Compact (which is on the list, but it was below the P-07).


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