To Carry Or Not To Carry

If this question is ever asked, the answer should always be “to carry”. Obviously if you decide not to for employment reasons, no ones going to pass judgement on you. If you decided to carry regardless of that, awesome! Remember there’s an indisputable fact that wrecks any “Eh, I’m not going to,” arguments. What is it? Bad things happen to good people everywhere and at different times through out the day.

With that difficult question out of the way, there’s the phrase of, “A Glock 43 in the pocket is better than a Glock 19 on the nightstand.” This is a phrase that resonates with me because of how true it is. It’s the difference between giving yourself a fighting chance at life, or not. The ability to defend, or not.

With that said, there’s a few points of discussion to be had that I want to dive into.

If you’re the person carrying a Glock 43 instead of a Glock 19 on a daily basis, you should be putting more rounds down range on the Glock 43. It’s your primary means of defense, not the Glock 19.

“But the Glock 43 is so snappy! I would rather shoot the Glock 19”

And your point? It’s going to be snappy on the range, it’s going to be snappy in the streets. If you can’t control it or shoot it accurately, it’s a dangerous paperweight in your hands when the world goes to shit. You chose it as your primary means of self-defense, practice with it, train with it, and be proficient with it.

Carrying with a round chambered… right here I’m going to go against my typical rule of life which is “always carry with a round chambered”. I cannot account for every situation or every circumstance that every individual person can find themselves in. There’s an infinite amount of variables in the world, especially when it comes to concealed carry.

If the way you carry doesn’t prevent the trigger from being messed with, carry without a round in the chamber. If it does prevent the trigger from being messed with, carry with a round chambered. While carrying without a round chambered you need to be searching for better alternatives that will allow you to do so.

The important take away from this is to know the limitations of your equipment, know your own limitations, and stay within those boundaries. One of those boundaries? You are not going to be able to draw, chamber, and put a round on the target as fast or faster than a person carrying chambered. You also aren’t going to be able to complete that process while staring down an attacker’s knife or gun.

Open carry. I’m not one of the people who is opposed to individuals exercising their right to carry a firearm openly. I am opposed to individuals exercising that right stupidly. If you’re an open carrier, or are forced to open carry, you need some form of active retention. The Blackhawk! Omnivore is an alright choice for non-duty use, it offers a superior locking mechanism to the SERPA DERPA holster and it’s a GAZILLION! times better than a VersaCarry Foreskin holster.

Here’s a fun fact for you, there’s rarely, if ever any instances where I’d say you’re better off not carrying a firearm. Using a VersaCarry OWB holster? This is the ONLY time I’ve ever thought “You’d be better off with a sharp stick.” There’s no retention, there’s no preventative to keep bad people from getting it instead of you, and the list goes on.
It’s a terrible choice and it’s a choice that literally makes a sharp stick look appealing.

I am not a proponent for carrying without a round chambered and I don’t condone or support that choice in any capacity. That said, if the decision is to carry with an empty chamber, or not to carry at all, I’d rather you have something than have nothing.

So, yeah. There’s the answer. As long as it’s not carrying in something as bad as the VersaCarry Foreskin holster, always carry if it’s ever a question.


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