Whiskey 5.56 And The Police

Alright, everyone. This weekend we had an incident in New York where a guy was allegedly being Red Flagged for having a 30rd magazine. He took to his Instagram, started making miniature videos calling the police arriving “Redcoats”, toasting to his camera with his stainless mug, and finishing the video off with some quote.

This incident took off like wildfire courtesy of every mainstream gun page and every single /k/ or similar page on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This whole thing took off because of a lot of misinformation and nobody wanting to just wait a couple of hours to see what was really going on.


First, I want to address the police. There is no moral excuse that any of you can use to justify executing immoral and illegal laws. If you are a moral and just officer, you won’t jail someone for marijuana, you won’t report someone for having standard capacity magazines in ban states, and you’ll look the other way at a fuel filter silencer. This list actually goes deeper than that, but we’ll end it there.

If you try to excuse this behavior with “They’re just doing a job”, you’re:
1. No better than the Nazi and Nazi sympathizers of World War II.
2. Easily bribed and cannot be trusted in any capacity.
3. Your life has lost it’s value and you deserve to get yeeted with the rest of them.

I am not on the “All Cops Are Bastards” train contrary to what many would like to assume. I believe officers need to receive more training before being let loose, I believe officers should be held to a higher standard, and I believe there needs to be more accountability for police officers.
I would go further and say that when something bad happens, an outside source should investigate and judge it. Not an internal review board in the same department, or a court room in the same jurisdiction where loyalties lie.

With that said, I know good police officers. I know officers that will look the other way for previously mentioned things and won’t tack those items on as additional charges because the suspect spit in their face. I know police officers that are pushing for their own departments to be held more accountable, that are pushing for recruits to receive more training before being let loose, and more. Because of this fact, I cannot say “ACAB”.

As a side note for those that are skeptical, there are /k/ type pages and pro-2A pages that are ran by 5-0. There are even pages ran openly by officers who stand firm on the 2nd Amendment, who stand firm on liberty, and aren’t shy to let it be known.

The Boys

This is going to hurt some feelings. If you’re running a page that just provided information as it was found with skepticism, awesome, I love you. If you’re running a page that provided Whiskey 5.56’s videos as fact of what was happening, you should be ashamed. I am not going to go through all of the (mis)information that was presented this weekend and break it down for you. What I will do though is share what we actually know about the situation.

Whiskey 5.56 was red flagged prior to this incident. Yes, he was red flagged before this weekend when he took to Instagram. He had already had all of his firearms and ammunition confiscated by police prior. No, the police were not there executing another Red Flag warrant. They had previously shown up for a domestic violence call and his wife allegedly had a restraining order out against him prior.

No one staged a meet-up at a cemetery to roll in guns a’blazing to help Whiskey 5.56. The claims are that 80-100 “Patriots” showed up in a cemetery to help Whiskey out, that claim goes further to say all 80-100 individuals that showed up were raided/arrested without shots being fired. Now, let’s use some common sense.
1. New York cops are jumpy with firearms. No shots fired with 80-100 armed private citizens in one area? LOL.
2. 80-100 people armed, in a cemetery, that are on social media, and no picture evidence to support this claim? LOL.
3. An anti-gun police force arresting 80-100 armed private citizens and not posting about arresting terrorists on social media? LOL.

The most confirmed information we have about Whiskey 5.56 is above. His wife had a prior restraining order out against him, the police had already confiscated his firearms during a Red Flag due to him allegedly threatening his wife and child with them, and they were supposedly responding to a domestic violence call.

It just so happens that this veteran was able to tug on the heartstrings of everyone in the gun community because he was in his military uniform with a plate carrier on.
To the people who say cops will do all the confiscations? You’re forgetting that there are military members that will do just the same, with better equipment, and yeet everyone in your house for refusing.

What We Need To Think About

We were played. Period. A good portion of the gun community was uniting behind a false flag. The same community meme’d the fuck out of a veteran who actually took up arms and went to shoot up a court house; had he been Insta famous like Whiskey 5.56 that Dallas street would have been a war zone (at least, if the lot of you actually want to kick something off).

The same community that rallied behind Whiskey 5.56 was completely and utterly quiet in their support for Gary J. Willis. A man who actually died thanks to an ERPO. A man who took up arms, literally yelled “YOU’RE NOT TAKING THAT,” and tried shooting the oath breakers enforcing the unconstitutional law.

What this tells me is, nobody takes any of it seriously. We aren’t waiting for facts to roll-out, we aren’t rolling out when we have the facts, and then we want to start the infighting because we don’t take the word of a guy whose wife had a restraining order out against him.

Beyond Whiskey and Gary, we had a man in the state of Indiana who was Red Flagged over memes he posted online by a disgruntled soon-to-be ex-wife. This information was spread to quite a few individuals (I know, because I helped spread it). Nobody posted it and everyone was skeptical.

Whiskey 5.56? That skepticism barely existed, so little skepticism existed that a GoFundMe raised over $10,000 for his legal fees… I know someone in Indiana that could have used that money and someone in Maryland who could have used it for his burial.


Beyond me being disgruntled about the lack of skepticism and lack of seriousness of real problems that have popped up, this showed how poorly we all communicate.We’re all going to different sources to get the “facts” that aren’t actually facts, but are conjecture made based off of what’s known, what’s been said by those allegedly close to the individual, etc.

Any attempt to even gather in support of an individual will be squashed pretty easily too. No one is talking via secure channels, everyone’s using social media which is monitored by who…? Oh, right…

If, if, we as a community are going to act, we need to wait for the facts to come out, and then we need to act like the German Blitzkrieg. It shouldn’t matter if an individual is in custody or not if I’m being blunt and all of you are being serious. If you’re wanting to ride out for a cause to kick shit off, you need to make sure it’s a just cause, a factual cause, and not something that’s been distorted beyond the realms of reality. Otherwise, you’ll just be labeled as a terrorist, and it will be easy to sway public opinion into seeing it that way.

I’m not even going to link any of my other pages for you all in this article, I’m going to link you to the Firearms Policy Coalition. If you’re willing to act with violence, you need to be willing to act with your money first. FPC is constantly fighting the legal battles for us, they’ve gotten wins, and they’re highly aggressive. Your time would be better spent sharing posts from them, than by sharing obvious misinformation about an apparent lost cause.

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