Making Change: Hold My Guns

After every tragedy involving firearms, thousands are quick to jump on the anti-gun “ban them all” train. We see politicians pushing for more control, we see individuals pushing to have their own rights stripped from them, and we see the ad hominem attacks start between people who were previously good friends.

Unfortunately, not many people are taking that energy to find things that could actually make a difference. So, when I hear about organizations trying to make a difference like “Hold My Guns” it makes me happy. Instead of diving into the divisive politics and heating the political debates up even more, we have people that are trying to make a difference without stripping everyone of their natural rights.

One of the many admirable goals of Hold My Guns is to provide safe voluntary storage options for those that are going through, or have a loved one that are going through a rough time. The idea behind it is right too. During difficult times, an individual shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll lose their right to defend themselves on top of whatever other problems are ailing them.

As unfortunate as it is, there is a stigma placed on mental health related issues, this stigma is amplified in the gun community by Red Flag Laws. Beyond wanting to seek out help, gun owners have to be concerned about having their home raided because they wanted to talk to someone about their anxiety, their depression, etc.

The stigma of mental health issues, the issue of possibly losing one’s rights, and the issues that individual is already going through all stack up against that individual. Hold My Guns actually put it best on their website, “To be human is to go through ups-and-downs in life.  We believe that times of hardship should be met with an outpouring of compassion and camaraderie, not fear-mongering and confiscation of constitutional rights.”

Currently Hold My Guns is not yet active but will be launching soon. Their website is filled with information and it shows that they’re trying to make the process of storing your guns (if your decide to) as easy as possible, including a map where a person will be able to find their nearest authorized HMG location.

The gun community is an interesting one, but most importantly we’re an independent group of people. We aim to self-regulate and to be self-reliant, or at least most of us do. Hold My Guns, or at least the goals of Hold My Guns, really sheds a light on those two huge factors. Instead of the government trying to interfere, HMG will allow people to act voluntarily, on their own accord, and without pressure.


If you’re an individual who holds an FFL and wants to participate or help with what Hold My Guns is trying to do, you can contact them on this page and submit an application for your shop to become affiliated with Hold My Guns.

If you want to follow Hold My Guns on social media, you can find their Facebook page HERE.

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