The NRA (National Rifle Association) Pays Felons

Holy Shit Smear, here we go. One of the arguments we hear from NRA members is that felons shouldn’t be able to own guns period. They did something bad and they should pay for that for the rest of their life. Mind you, they say felons period, not just violent felons. Felons, in general.
Well, here’s a fun fact for those who are blindly supporting the NRA as they point out de-way to further restrictions.

What if I told you that the National Rifle Association had someone high up that was a felon? What if I told you that they weren’t only high up, but they were on the payroll for the NRA? What if I told you this individual was the “right hand man” of Wayne LaPierre?
Well… they are.

A one Millie Hallow, previously known as Mildred Bautista was charged and convicted on felony fraud charges. There are a long list of charges, allegedly, that were combined into a single felony charge with a maximum sentencing of 10 years and/or $5,000. What was she doing? Millie Hallow, formerly Mildred Bautista was the former executive director of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities. This is a job that was in charge of giving commissions out for artwork using public (tax payer) funds.

She was writing fraudulent checks to fake artists, or individuals who weren’t owed any money, and then depositing them into her own account. To add insult to injury, 10 years prior to this she resigned from being the assistant superintendent of schools in Ann Arbor, Michigan because it was discovered she had lied on her resume… anyone detecting a pattern so far?

Well, it doesn’t end there. It has been confirmed that Millie Hallow, in keeping up in her old trends, has authorized the spending of NRA funds without approval while faking Wayne LaPierre’s approval on at least one occasion (You can read more here).
If you’re an NRA sympathizer, you may be saying something along the lines of, “Well, look at where this article is from!”

You can only use that line of defense so many times and when a history of malfeasance has been formed, you can’t use it when similar actions are uncovered regardless of the source that publishes those actions. If anything, you should be questioning sources that try to claim the opposite; especially considering her history started before ever becoming active in the gun community.

The fact of the matter is, the National Rifle Association hired an individual who was charged with felony fraud charges, and they gave her access to the pocket book. A pocketbook that’s loaded like a pre-paid debit card with YOUR membership dues and contributions. As a soon to be former NRA member, this just adds to the list of reasons why I, personally, will not support the NRA until there is some level of accountability.

Now, even though I’m not supporting the NRA with my money, if you’re a voting member, there is a slither of hope left on saving the organization from itself. That slither of hope is in the form of Save The Second

Contrary to what many NRA members and even Board members try to claim, Save The Second’s goal isn’t to destroy the National Rifle Association, it’s goal is to reform the NRA to not only being more accountable, but more transparent to members.

There is a complete lack of transparency that’s enshrouded by an overly complicated organization where members don’t even know what’s what, or even who the president is of the organization.
(Speaking of, Save The Second, TacCat, and others are offering rewards for the first person to find a picture of the NRA president holding a firearm).

I do believe that with some TLC and removing the stubbornness from the Board of Directors that the National Rifle Association could stand a chance at actually bringing a positive change to the gun community, such as educating the 5 million members on what suppressors are and why they shouldn’t be regulated.

Like our national government, any organization or entity that has power, or forms of power embedded, there has to be checks and balances. Those checks and balances cannot have allegiances aside from the well being and betterment of said organization or entity. Once allegiances are made and people in power remain in power for too long, corruption is inevitable.

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