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Alright, so if you’ve found yourself on this post, you may be wondering why I’m not posting all the deals on Facebook. Here’s why:
Facebook limits reach with any posts containing a link and occasionally ones with tags in them. In an attempt to make sure you can see all the deals, I decided to make a rolling post on the website containing them all.

You won’t always see pictures posted for each of the products I have listed due to the data that would eat up on the backside of the website/time it would take to size everything, but the thumbnail for the article will always show, at the very least, the deals I found to be the best for the day.

Without further ado, let’s get started! *All deals do not reflect whether or not your state has Nexus Laws in place. Deals with “***” by them are my favorite deals that are available.

Brownells has 11% off on ALL sales over $49 with the code HAA.

Ammo Deals 

1,000rds of Aguila 124gr 9mm for $184 shipped with the code NCS over at Brownells. Price Per Round: $0.18

1,000rds of Blazer Brass 124gr 9mm for $184 shipped with the code NCS over at Brownells. Price Per Round: $0.18 ***

1,000rds of Sellier & Bellot 230gr .45ACP for $244 shipped with the code M8Y over at Brownells. Price Per Round: $0.24 ***

1,000rds of American Eagle 62gr 5.56 (M855) and 10 Magpul PMags for $360 over at Palmetto State Armory. Price Per Round (after subtracting mags): $0.28/rd

500rds of Wolf 100gr 6.5 Grendel for $115 shipped with the code MDX over at Brownells. Price Per Round: $0.23

1,000rds of Federal Brass 115gr 9mm for $140 shipped over at Palmetto State Armory. Price Per Round: $0.14 (rebate required)

600rds of Federal Brass 230gr .45ACP for $150 shipped over at Palmetto State Armory. Price Per Round: $0.25 (rebate required)


Gun Deals

Glock 19 Gen 3 Polymer80 Frame w/slide (milled for RMR) for $222 over at Brownells with the code HAA.

Brownells BRN-180 10.5″ complete AR-15 Upper for $694 over at Brownells with the code HAA.

Heritage Rough Rider w/.22lr and .22WMR cylinders for $180 over at Palmetto State Armory.

FN FNS-40c w/night sights for $300 over at EuroOptic

TT-33 for $209 shipped with the code M8Y over at Brownells.

Gigantic Beretta APX (as low as $330) sale over at Palmetto State Armory

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .380 E-Z for $269 (post rebate) over at Palmetto State Armory (This is the gun to get Grandma)

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm (w/removeable safety) for $200 over at Palmetto State Armory

80% Matrix Arms AR-15 lower receiver for $40 over at Brownells.

Accessories and Gear Deals

Holosun 507c for $255 shipped over at Palmetto State Armory.

Surefire Sidekick for $30 shipped over at Amazon. ***

U.S. Surplus .50cal ammo can for $10 over at Sportsman’s Guide

Fenix E16 for $40.45 shipped over at Amazon. ***

D&H 30rd AR-15 aluminum mags w/magpul follower for $8.99/ea over at Palmetto State Armory. ***

KeySmart Dapper 150 for $30 shipped over at Amazon.

3-Pk of Wilson Combat 8rd 1911 magazines for $75 over at Brownells with the code HAA.


Bulk Deals

At Brownells:

Black Friday Deals

At EuroOptic:

Nikon Optics Sale

Mauser M-18 Sale

Suppressor Sale

Crossbow and Accessory Sale

At Palmetto State Armory:

Daily Deals

At Sportsman’s Guide:

Military Surplus Deals


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