We’ve Never Been Free of Tyranny

From the drafting of the Declaration of Independence to the drafting of the Constitution, we’ve never been a free nation. Let’s start off by defining tyranny, so, what is tyranny? Tyranny is the cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. Tyranny, to me, exists inside of the Constitution in the 5th amendment.

Oh, you thought the 5th Amendment only dealt with not being forced to incriminate yourself? Hahahaha, no. There’s this itty bitty clause in the 5th Amendment called the eminent domain clause. What is eminent domain clause you ask? It’s the ability granted to the government to dispossess you of your property if they give you compensation.

This is a power that the founding fathers gave to the government in the 5th Amendment and it isn’t too dissimilar to Britain’s royalty being able to sequester property that they like from their citizens, the only difference is our government has to give some kind of compensation…usually.

How does the eminent domain process work? Essentially, the federal, state, or local government can decide they want to build something on your land (or they want to sell it to another private entity), they send you a notice, then they send out an appraiser that they hired (with your tax money) that has a government issued license to appraise your property at “fair market value.”

The government’s fair market value is usually substantially lower than what you would ordinarily receive selling to a private individual because, well, it’s the government cutting itself a deal. Now… what happens if you refuse the gracious offer granted to you by the crown? Well, they use government against you; as usual.

They’ll create new zoning laws, new property by-laws, requirements to live in a house, etc. to work you out of your house by condemning it, dropping their “Fair Market Value” down by 90%, and then telling you, “It’s our way, or the highway. Take 10% of our original offer and then fuck off.”

(Click Here to understand the image of the house)

Eminent Domain should not exist. Period. A “fair” government should not be able to force someone off of property that they own, out of the house they live in, for any reason. And if they want to possess that property, they should have to go through the same process that any private individual has to go through; waiting for it to be put on the market and then fighting for it monetarily.

If you believe that it is justifiable to take an individual’s property for the “greater good” of the public, I use that quote loosely, then you aren’t a lover of freedom, you aren’t a lover of liberty. You’re a fraud.

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