Products You Won’t See Here

For funsies I figured I would do an article going over products that you just won’t see me reviewing. Some of these products I won’t do reviews of just due to bad experience, known problems with the products, the cost of the products not equaling the value.

1. VersaCarry Holsters

VersaCarry Holsters are objectively bad holsters. They aren’t rigid at all, they’ll close when the weapon is drawn, and they offer no retention. All of these aren’t only issues for concealed carry, but they’re ginormous issues with OWB carry; especially having the magazine situated for strong hand draw.

2. Olight Flashlights

Unlike every other products that’s getting listed here, I have a handful of Olight Flashlights, most notably the S30R Baton II, the Copper I3T, and the PL-Mini 1.

To me, Olights are inferior products compared to their similarly priced competition. Their WMLs are terrible, period. They offer little candela and they step down quite fast to achieve the advertised run time, while the advertised lumen output goes away relatively fast. On top of that, not being able to change batteries one what I’d call mission critical gear is a tremendous downfall.

Their handhelds don’t fair much better. They lack candela, greatly. Because of their lack of candela, their run times aren’t as nearly as impressive as they might appear.

3. Magnetic Holsters

Just say no to magnetic holsters. Honestly…if you’re justifying using one, you’re beyond help. Just give-up.

4. Springfield Armory

Having nothing to do with the actions they took a few years ago, you won’t see me reviewing any Springfield Armory products. The Saint is overpriced garbage, the M1A is a relic, and the XD line is objectively trash due to the major weak points the platform has…it’s also priced about $200 too high.

Their 1911s aren’t terrible from what I’ve seen and the TRP/Loaded model are peak aesthetic, but for the price I can do considerably better. The Hellcat, while it’s cool, just doesn’t peak my interests. Less so after they gave everyone and their brother one to review; meaning 90% of the reviews you’ll see are bullshit…which makes it hard to differentiate good information from bad information.

5. Pocketknives exceeding $200

I love me a good pocketknife, a lot. But I’m not exactly a collector and they’re ultimately a tool. For me there’s a price point at which you’re not gaining anything in performance with knives, for me that max price point is $200, but realistically you probably won’t see any knives over $150 here.

To the custom builders out there: I have love for the craft, love looking at what you produce, but it’s just not my thing.

6. Pistol Optics that aren’t the Leupold DPP, Trijicon RMR, or Holosun 507c

I’m on a budget, like most of you. I don’t have the money, or the time to play around with less durable options on the market. Because of that I rely heavily on the information provided by the experts such as Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics. If you aren’t familiar, Aaron is essentially the front runner of testing MRDSs, and has all his testing data available on the front page of his website.

If I were to go optics carry, I want the best, and I want the gun to be milled. Because of that I’m left to three options, but really only 2. The Trijicon RMR and the Holosun 507c. Why? Well, the RMR’s footprint is becoming the standard as there are already other options (like the 507c) that share it’s footprint.

Since I would want my gun milled, I would want to make sure that it was going to be milled for what’s appearing to be the 1913 Pic rail for pistol optics.

7. We The People Holsters

I have a personal vendetta against WTP Holsters that goes beyond their products (which are objectively trash).
In all of their advertising they’re showing a woman using a less than optimal belt (a $10 special from Wal-Mart that wouldn’t even hold a NAA Mini-Mag), showing improper and dangerous technique.
Beyond their advertising, their products are just ass. There’s a lot of excess material to the holsters, the clip is a billboard, and…well, the clip is also a terrible choice.
Side Note: If a company producing defensive products relies on gun bunnies and tits to sell their products, there’s a 90% chance that their products a garbage.

8. Hybrid Holsters (generally)

Whereas there are hybrid holsters that I would personally invest money into IF I didn’t carry AIWB (such as Black Arch), there’s more that I wouldn’t invest my money into. Typically speaking, trigger guards aren’t covered nearly enough which is a safety hazard and you’re forced to train bad techniques due to the holster partially closing.
9. North American Arms Mini-Mag Revolver
The Mini-Mag Revolver has like…no purpose aside from being a rat/snake problem solver. It has no purposes, period, in the defensive world, and I’d much rather spend the $200 on 1,000rds of 9mm.
That said, I would LOVE to review the NAA Guardian in .32ACP because I have a weird fetish for the caliber (ask Tactical Dalai Lamma about it).
10. Taurus
This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The stories of their nightmarish custom service should be enough to deter anyone and everyone. There’s accounts of individuals never getting an update for 6 months only to find a reimbursement check for the MSRP of the gun in their mailbox.
Taurus’ guns are typically trash and they’re typically not a lot cheaper than the competition.
For instance, you’ll see a lot of people say their revolvers are good to go. Well… why buy a J-Frame Taurus for $270 when you can buy a J-Frame Smith & Wesson for $319?

They do have a few “fun guns” that I would consider purchasing, but ultimately I’d invest that money into something substantially more beneficial like training.

There are a lot of other products that I just won’t use, but they aren’t products that I would review because I’m not qualified to review them; such as tourniquets. I won’t buy a R.A.T.S and I won’t use anything but a CATS Gen 7. Why? Because the experts of the world have designated the R.A.T.S as being less than optimal, and why would I buy less than optimal when I can get optimal and beyond for marginally more money?

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