Acclimating To AIWB


Today’s topic: Acclimation.

The most common argument I hear against AIWB is that it’s not “comfortable”.
Reflecting back to when I first started carrying strong side IWB, it wasn’t particularly comfortable either.

But, day after day, I kept lugging around a 40oz (unloaded weight) gun with a TLR-1 in an IWB holster.
At some point I stopped noticing it unless I was getting in a car or driving for more than an hour.

Did I stop noticing it because it became comfortable? No, not in the slightest. I stopped noticing it because my body acclimated to having it pressing against it.

When I was carrying strong side, I was vehemently opposed to AIWB carry, and I’d argue with anyone and everyone doing it in my circle.
Then I tried it with a softshell holster, didn’t mind it, and then a friend (who was also opposed to AIWB) bought a dedicated holster.

He said he loved it and I hopped on the, “Well, if you liked it, I’ll give it ago.”
And just like when I first started carrying, the acclimation process started again but I kept with it to learn the ins and outs.

Long story short, I acclimated to it. I’ve found it to be 10x more comfortable than any other IWB position.
I’m not fighting with a seatbelt to get to my gun, I’m not constantly fidgeting when I’m driving to get comfortable, and my back pain all but disappeared entirely.

You can’t just try it for a day and say “to hell with it” and expect your opinion to carry any weight, because it doesn’t.

P.S. I’m 6’1, just weighed myself, and I’m 240lbs.
I also have iffy posture at best.

P.S.S. Shout out to the homie that kept arguing with me about it being more comfortable.

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