Walther CCP M2 Initial Impressions

A Piston? In a handgun?

The Walther CCP M2 has been a handgun that’s interested me for quite some time now. Like the famed and loved Heckler & Koch P7, the CCP is piston driven. This allows the gun to have the appearance of what would be a direct blow back pistol (fixed barrel with a recoil spring on it). Courtesy of the pressures produced by modern 9mm, direct blow back isn’t something we see commonly unless the gun is the size of a Hi-Point.

Well, I’ve finally been able to get my hands on the Walther CCP M2 courtesy of Walther (they sent me a T&E, or test and eval gun). The nice thing about T&E is, I’m not out any money, you guys get a review, and since no money is exchanging hands I get to be brutally honest (which, you’ll never see a paid review on TacCat).

Time for the exclusive stuff for you, my valued website visitors!

In the video I talked about how the issues with the 115gr Magtech ammunition might be due to a break-in period, or maybe it wasn’t creating enough gases to satisfy the needs of the piston system. Both of these things seemed like logical answers to me. Piston pistols are an oddity, maybe something on it does require a break-in. Additionally, maybe piston pistols need more oomph in order to cycle properly.

Well, in between filming that and writing this I sat down and went through the manual briefly. Conveniently for me, ammunition selection was a labeled page; but just a page. What did this page contain? Well, here it is (apologies for uploaded quality):

If you can’t read it, what it says it that you should only use factory ammunition that’s loaded to SAAMI spec. Well… 115gr Magtech is loaded to 115gr 9×19 SAAMI spec so it shouldn’t of had any issues cycling so we’ll have to see what happens when I’m able to take it out shooting again. Will it cycle the 115gr Magtech after a couple more mags of the Geco 124gr ammunition? Or, will it continue to choke?

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