The official mascot of TacCat is my cat Jezebel who was abandoned Christmas Eve 2012 on my property. We’ve been together ever since. The dog you see was my pup Violet who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 2/21/19.

Who is TacCat?

Well, I’m new blood to the community and an animal lover. I got into firearms in 2016 at the age of 21, but I have been a part of the “EDC” community since middle school.  I have also actively participated in animal rehabilitation efforts or just taking care of animals in general since I was a young kid.

Even though I’m still relatively new to the community, I have always felt strongly about the 2nd Amendment. I take a “no compromise” stance on the issue. I believe that machine guns should be legal to the public, that the NFA needs to be repealed, and that background checks have proven to do absolutely nothing. I realize that in the current political climate that a lot of it will not happen, but hopefully we will at least get national reciprocity, and some Pro-2A SCOTUS rulings.

I am an animal lover, but I’m not against hunting as it’s necessary for population control. At the same time though, I do realize that if certain species aren’t given additional protections that we will not have them for future generations. Something I hope to do with TacCat in the future is to be able to spread awareness about different species that need help, or even helping animal adoption efforts.

When I started TacCat, I started it because I saw an absence of a one-stop-shop for prospective gun owners to hit for information. Originally, I was only going to write my Buyer’s Guide to Handguns, but what you see now is what that idea created.

In due time with my content and love for animals, I plan to change the average view people have on an American gun owner. As a gun owner, a person shouldn’t have to hide the fact that they participate in the hobby. A person shouldn’t be forced to feel ashamed because they hold themselves accountable for their own safety. And just because you’re a hunter… doesn’t mean that you hate animals.