Self Defense Insurance?

Contrary to what people say on the internet, you can’t plea the 2nd Amendment to get out of criminal charges for injuring/killing another individual; even if it was in self defense. Beyond that, as well as you may know your state’s laws, you do not know or fully understand how all the bylaws, statutes, and case law can affect your case. And unless you’re an attorney, you won’t understand how they can affect you.

The statutes, bylaws, and the case law are all written in legalese or lawyer speak. These things can say one thing, but actually mean something entirely different; basically the equivalent of your girlfriend telling you to have fun with the boys.

Gun Laws; A Discussion

In the video below, I hit on a few different gun laws, and I correct terminologies that are being used by both sides of this debate. If you seriously want to have an honest discussion on this issue, use the correct terminology; because that terminology has legal backings. That terminology determines where or not something you have in your hands is even legal to possess. 

Lifespan of Handguns

Personally I’ve encountered 10 people this year just in Facebook groups who are under the belief that handguns can never reach triple digit round counts. I’ve encountered some in person (including extended family members) who believed this same thing. These same people will lead you to believe that a handgun doesn’t have the ability to survive high round count courses.

Is it reasonable? Magazine Restrictions

Before we get to answering this question, there are certain definitions that have to be laid out. There is also a lot of misinformation that gets spread by the media and politicians that has to be corrected by defining certain vernacular.

High Capacity/Large Capacity Magazines: If you aren’t a hobbyist like I am, you probably associate “high capacity” with anything that holds above 10 rounds of ammunition; that’s okay. You’ve been lead to believe that.

Why I Carry Appendix

You may be adamantly against appendix carry; hey, I was too. You may also think it isn’t a comfortable area to carry; but in my findings…a lot of the people who feel this way didn’t: have a dedicated AIWB rig, the right belt/holster set-up, or just flat out didn’t try it.

Is it reasonable? Background Checks

Second, you have straw purchases. What’s a straw purchase? Glad you asked. A straw purchase is when someone that is 18 years old buys cigarettes for an individual that’s 16 years old. Now to switch it to be guns. An individual who can pass a 4473 goes in, buys the gun, passed the background check, and then gives the gun to a non-eligible individual.

Yes, these happen very often. Yes people have died because of them. Here is an article where law enforcement officers were killed because of a straw purchased firearm.

Suppressors, Silencers, Whatever

Your toilet being flushed and the vacuum cleaner are in the 80dB range right there with alarm clocks and snow blowers. A food processor is in the 95dB range. A lawn mower and a rock band concert have more or less the same decibel rating at around 100-110dB. If you ride motorcycles, the decibel rating will typically be in the 100dB range.