TacCat’s First Time Buyer’s Guide for Handguns

TacCat’s First Time Buyer’s Guide for Handguns Below you’ll find the links for each portion of the First Time Buyer’s Guide for Handguns.   Part 0: Stuff You Should Know Before Buying ——- Part 1: Handgun Actions Explained ——- Part 2: Handgun Frames Explained ——- Part 3: Handgun Calibers Explained ——- Part 4: Handgun Holsters

The Best First Pistol

My answer for the best all around gun for a prospective buyer has changed from what it was a year ago, or even two years ago. Before both out of ignorance and an unconscious bias, I would have recommended a DA/SA pistol with a decocker or a safety depending on the user’s preference. Since then though I’ve learned quite a bit.

Must Have Medical Essentials

I was recently asked on Facebook about if there was a complete medical kit that I would recommend for serious use. Honestly, a lot of the ones I have seen are overly expensive, or they come with gear that isn’t suited for the tasks they’re “designed” for (such as RATS tourniquets). There’s also a difference in medical kits. You have your “first-aid kits” which are designed for non-serious injuries. Minor burns, scrapes, headaches, etc. Stuff that your 4 year old child can take care of.

Is It Reasonable? Carry Permits

Above arguments aside, there’s a lot of reasons why carry permits aren’t reasonable. LOTS of reasons.

The initial one we’ll talk about is abuse of power. You have a lot of sheriff’s offices, police departments, etc. that absolutely do not approve carry permits for anyone that isn’t a cop, connected to a cop, or connected to a politician in some way. This turns it into the haves versus the have nots. That isn’t how¬†rights are supposed to work.
To add insult to injury, not all states allow you to go to a friendlier jurisdiction to complete the application for getting your carry permit. Therefore, how far a person can exercise their inalienable rights can be determined by some fat ass sheriff who probably drives home drunk.

Acclimating To AIWB

The most common argument I hear against AIWB is that it’s not “comfortable”.
Reflecting back to when I first started carrying strong¬†side IWB, it wasn’t particularly comfortable either.