Is it reasonable? Magazine Restrictions

Before we get to answering this question, there are certain definitions that have to be laid out. There is also a lot of misinformation that gets spread by the media and politicians that has to be corrected by defining certain vernacular.

High Capacity/Large Capacity Magazines: If you aren’t a hobbyist like I am, you probably associate “high capacity” with anything that holds above 10 rounds of ammunition; that’s okay. You’ve been lead to believe that.

Why I Carry Appendix

You may be adamantly against appendix carry; hey, I was too. You may also think it isn’t a comfortable area to carry; but in my findings…a lot of the people who feel this way didn’t: have a dedicated AIWB rig, the right belt/holster set-up, or just flat out didn’t try it.

Is it reasonable? Background Checks

Second, you have straw purchases. What’s a straw purchase? Glad you asked. A straw purchase is when someone that is 18 years old buys cigarettes for an individual that’s 16 years old. Now to switch it to be guns. An individual who can pass a 4473 goes in, buys the gun, passed the background check, and then gives the gun to a non-eligible individual.

Yes, these happen very often. Yes people have died because of them. Here is an article where law enforcement officers were killed because of a straw purchased firearm.

Reloading Your Defensive Pistol

Reloading Your Defensive Pistol In the community there are three arguments on how one should reload their semi-automatic pistol. Some say to use the slide release, a very limited few say to jam the magazine in as hard as possible, and some say to just sling-shot the slide. For all intents and purposes, I am

Suppressors, Silencers, Whatever

Your toilet being flushed and the vacuum cleaner are in the 80dB range right there with alarm clocks and snow blowers. A food processor is in the 95dB range. A lawn mower and a rock band concert have more or less the same decibel rating at around 100-110dB. If you ride motorcycles, the decibel rating will typically be in the 100dB range.

How To Buy a Gun Online

Are you tired of missing out on the online deals you find on firearms? After reading this guide you will know the basics of ordering a gun online. Some states do have additional requirements such as waiting periods, but the essentials are all the same. Step 1: Find a gun shop near you that will