Adam Kraut Interview

I don’t think there should be duty to retreat at all. I think “Stand Your Ground” has been perverted in the public eye as to what it truly means. The Zimmerman trial was a really good example of it, they never asserted stand your ground in that trial. Yet it’s being used as the basis for arguments to repeal the law. You shouldn’t have to retreat when you’re being attacked in a place you are lawfully allowed to be, it’s as simple as that.

Patriot Cop Interview Part 2

If I take you to the range and tell you to: fire “x” amount of rounds on target, reload, fire “x” amount of rounds, so on and so forth, you’re going to get faster the more you do it. If I take you to that same course with people shooting at you with paintballs, you’re going to get a LOT faster.

Patriot Cop Interview Part 1

The best advice I have for someone that wants to be one…is not to be one. A lot of my instructors and a lot of people who made their lives in this line of work… they’re pretty much the same way. I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone gets into law enforcement these days. A lot of people with the same core values as me agree. If you have the need to do it, go through your academy, and become a reserve officer.