Bidding on Remington’s Assets Released

Bidding on Remington’s Assets Released We all knew a couple of months back when several Freedom Group/Remington Group companies stopped talking with customers that they were going under. Well, they filed for bankruptcy and the Remington Group is officially selling off all of it’s assets including whole brands and manufacturing facilities. Here’s the information that’s

Steyr Arms v Sig USA, The Saga Ends

Way back in 2017 when Sig USA got awarded the M17 contract by the Department of Defense, a smaller, less known company Steyr filed a lawsuit against Sig USA. Steyr’s claim was that the Sig P320 used a chassis system that was an infringement on their patented chassis system. Since I’m not a lawyer and even less of a patent lawyer, I’m not going to try diving into whether or not Steyr had a case… but I will say that both chassis systems looked oddly familiar when watching take down videos.

Sig Sauer USA P320 Lawsuit 2020

Okay, shilling complete, Sig is being sued again for the P320, BUT it isn’t because of the drop issue, no. It’s because the P320 is discharging, uncommanded, in the holster. Yes, you read that correctly. The P320 is discharging in holsters without the trigger being pulled; no, I’m not making this up. In the lawsuit documents that are available Sig USA’s lawyer has had to disclose some of these instances during discovery which means it isn’t just hearsay. 

Police Select Walther PPQ

Police Select Walther PPQ Alrighty, time to get down to some good ol’ fashioned gun news for everyone! As, hopefully all of you know, I recently picked up a Walther PPQ M2 5″ with the plan of making it my primary defensive handgun. And quite frankly, shooting it is like cheating all around. The stock

SCOTUS, The Joke of the Judicial Branch

All across the nation, court rooms are passing judgments from the smallest court, all the way up to the Circuit Courts in regards to the 2nd Amendment and more. Today, SCOTUS just showed how inept they are at doing their jobs…again. The court that’s supposed to protect the people from tyrants, the last straw in our legal system, refusing to take on any potentially controversial cases.

New Optic Plates for Walther PPQ Coming Soon

If you’re a Walther PPQ fan, or a Walther Q5 Match fan, this is something you’re going to want to read. Especially if you’re someone that’s looking to get into the world of carry optics on your firearms, but don’t want to abandon your current platform. From a company that will mill your current slide, to new adapter plates for the PPQ, I got over some new findings in this article.

FN 503, CZ P-10M: Arriving Unfashionably Late

Neither are ideal and I honestly see both of them being on Forgotten Weapons inside of the next 3 years. As a side message to all gun manufacturers, your “snag free” sights? They aren’t snag free, you’re making the wrong side of the slights slanted. It really makes a person question how smart your design and marketing staff is.

NEW 5.7x28mm Products SHOT Show 2020

It looks to be the year for the 5.7x28mm cartridge! It seems like everyone and their brother is wanting to make this cartridge available to the masses. Why? I have no idea, but they are. Anyway, Ruger kind of led the pack, but we’ll go over everything that’s coming out so far for it.

Culper Precision Atomic 6 SHOT Show 2020

Culper Precision 6 SHOT Show 2020 So, you thought your Glock 19 was too heavy for carry? Well, welcome the Atomic 6 from Culper Precision. First, let’s talk about the price of this. For the complete slide alone you’re looking at $1,500. For a whole Atomic 6 pistol, you’re looking at $2,000. Now, you might