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Recently they have figured out how to shadow ban smaller gun pages more effectively. They simply pluck our posts from your newsfeeds, which kills our reach, and kills the messages that we’re trying to broadcast. The thing is, they aren’t deleting our pages, so they aren’t exactly going against their Community Standards and Terms of Service (even though I would think they have to give an explanation, but they aren’t).

Springfield Armory Hellcat

Springfield Armory Hellcat Springfield Armory announced the Hellcat today. To be 100% honest, I rolled my eyes at the name because it’s almost as stupid as the “9-1-1” micro-.380 they made. Little commentary on my part, and then I’ll give you the details you already know about.   Besides the stupid fucking name (sorry, Boomers,

Chuck Canterbury Nominated to lead BATF

Let’s cut to the chase. Mr. Canterbury has a history of being anti-gun. He has a history of supporting anti-gun legislation. Canterbury as the leader of the Fraternal Order of Police testified for Sonia Sotomayor to become a judge on the Supreme Court. There’s been other matters that he has voiced opinions on as the leader of the F.O.P, including pushing against National Reciprocity/Constitutional Carry.

Pete Brownell steps down from NRA Board of Directors

Since NRAAM there has been a ton of infighting between board members at the NRA. You have board members going after other board members, and you have NRA executives making statements that are blatant lies (I’ll be going more into this in another article).  For me, Mr. Brownell stepping down as a board member doesn’t come as a surprise.

CANIK brings out the ONE Series

So, earlier this month (May) Canik debuted the ONE series of the TP9. The ONE series is supposed to be the budget version of the TP9 line of pistols. If you’ve followed the TP9 since it hit the market, these prices may get your a little red under the ears. Now, before I go into the price, I’ll go over what they’re doing to bring the price down.

Beretta 92x- NRAAM Coverage

Alright, so the day that I posted the photos of the Beretta 92x and made the comments I made, I was tired and worn out from the day before. Throw in a little bit of reflection, and my comment about the controls sucking was a little uncalled for. So, as a follow-up here’s my non-tired thoughts on this gun.

For those that don’t know, the Beretta 92x was designed for competition use. It has beefy controls, a stainless slide, a steel (not stainless) frame, and extended controls out the wazoo. The frame is actually a Vertec frame which should make some of you happy. It also comes from the factory with a superb trigger job on it. 

Naroh Arms N1…announced?

Enter the new comer that… no one has heard of. Naroh Arms is what appears to be a new manufacture down in Florida, although they have been around and producing OEM parts since 2013. The Naroh N1 is going to be on display at NRAAM this year, along with all the boomers carrying their 1911’s in Uncle Mike’s OWBs.

Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun

Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun The military recently announced that they have given Brugger & Thomet a $2.5 million dollar contract for 350 B&T APC9Ks. This contract also includes the magazines, slings, accessories, spare parts, and undoubtedly training for armorers. These new submachine guns are intended to be put in the hands of the

TacCat’s Picks: SHOT Show 2019

Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to go to SHOT Show 2019, but I did get to see most of the things that were announced… some at SHOT, some that weren’t announced at SHOT. In this article I will be doing a “highlight reel” of my favorites and the things that I’m excited about.

Glock to Reveal G43x at SHOT

Supposedly at SHOT this year Glock will be announcing the G43x! We all thought that the 19x was the most pointless thing ever, right? Boy, were we wrong! The G43x is going to be 15mm taller than the G43 and 4mm wider. Using measurements from Glock’s website(less the 43x’s), let’s compare! Glock 43x Height: 123mm