Punishing Parents for Their Children’s Crimes

…that dived into how laws requiring that firearms be locked up have increased crime rates of the worst kind. Crimes like hot break-ins (break-ins when the owners are home), murder, and rape all saw noticeable increases inside of a year. Areas that have enacted similar laws that anti-gunners are proposing currently have resulted in 300 more murders per year…

SuperVel Ammunition is Back!

Alright, for the weathered shooters out there this may be old news…but for some of us young yippies that never really heard of Super Vel it is news…sort of. For those that have never heard of Super Vel, let me fill you in… Super Vel (short for Super Velocity) was a company that started up back in the 60’s by a man named Lee Jurras who was also the founder of the American Handgunner Awards Foundation. What made Super Vel different? Well… Lee Jurras pioneered and perfected the production of the commercial hollowpoint bullet and was able to get unheard of velocities with his product.

The actual issues at hand with firearms…

As unfortunate as it is to say, in the United States no tragedy goes unused as fodder for political agendas by both politicians and mainstream media alike. Equally as unfortunate is that everyone seems to suffer extreme cases of tunnel vision immediately after tragedy strikes and they are unable to see the facts that get uncovered in the aftermath. These facts are crucial to understanding the issues that plague our nation.

Sig P320 Issues

I personally cannot recommend Sig Sauer to anyone until they answer one question, “Why not admit the P320 isn’t drop safe?” What are your thoughts on the P320 issue? Is this a gateway to firearm companies producing products that aren’t what they claim? Or do you think that other companies won’t sacrifice their quality and reputation to pump out new products?